New brand Hot sale Euro printing FUNNY BIFOLD wallet purse # 2507

My second review on the site. This time it is dedicated to the wallet. My wallet has already fallen into disrepair and I decided to buy myself a new one. Searching for Ali among the status black, natural-skinned brown and all sorts of different, I stopped at CS wallet. But he did not have a pocket for coins. SC copies with a coin box are 4-5 dollars more expensive. Then I decided to look at this site and looked at this interesting wallet. I was interested, I found a lot of proposals for Ali, but the spirit of originality offered to look at the wallet with a Euro-banknote print. He liked even more. but still plagued by doubts about the first selected purse SC. As a result, the toad won and on August 30th I ordered a wallet for 9 bucks.

On September 1, he was sent to regular Chinese mail and on the 16th (according to the track) he arrived at our mail - not bad at all!
The purse came in the usual paper-pimply bag (I did not have time to take a picture).

So, here it is! Beautiful, soft, with a familiar Chinese smell (but not sharp).

Wallet made of soft polyurethane, to the touchas foamed polyethylene (laminate backing). The compartment under the bills is made of material like a raincoat fabric (children’s satchels are made of such fabric), which I liked very much, because in other wallets with fabric trimming inside (and this is usually artificial silk), it is spread out at the edges and seams.

Inside the wallet there are pockets for bankingcards, which immediately filled them. By the way, very well and tightly, and most importantly, exactly the size of the cards are in these pockets. Self-loss of credit cards is excluded (checked by a long shaking)).

There is a sewn white liner with two transparent pockets on both sides. One of them I adapted for a driver's license, the second - for business cards and discount cards.

On the pocket there is an inscription, which is not in the photo of the seller

Coin is very large, closes on a tight button.

On the page with the description of the wallet written sizes
closed: 9.2 x 11.2
open: 18.5 x 11.2 CM
they are true

As a result, I received a beautiful and original wallet.
- multifunctional;
- there is a compartment for coins;
- plastic cards are tight;
- good interior material;
- survived 40 degrees of frost in the usual shoulder rag bag. Not even hardened;
- no one has it!
- fuzzy print;
- polyurethane is too soft on the outside, which is tactilely pleasant in principle, but I do not think it is practical (let's see how long it will last).