Holster free pouch case for Lenovo A750

Overview of the cover-bag on the belt or another holster for the phone
Lenovo A750.
I wore a phone in a silicone case. I looked in the offline stores for a holster with a silicone belt cover, but none of them fit!
Therefore, while wearing a purse on the belt, which is very pulling down due to the considerable weight of the phone.

I found it and ordered it on Ali, they promised that there would be leather ...The seller is good, delivery to the Rostov region. 20 days by Singapore post, although they promised HK mail (from experience, HK mail is faster because there is a lot of customs for Singapore post in St. Petersburg)

the photo shows that this is not skin, but dermantin ... soft and.
I do not know how long he will live, but from a similar material he took a holster for Nokia on the market, she lived for 2 months and all collapsed, and gave 200r for her, and not 350 like that.
Convenient clothespin allows you to quickly remove the phone and hang. Pin slightly bent because the tip-hook is wide
On the belt, the holster is clearly visible when dressed. It does not stand out at all under the rubble))
You can close the phone if you don’t close it in a silicone case because the magnets are weak, you can only close it if the screen is inserted outside into the holster
a photo:

+ fit
+ With a silicone case, you can shove if the phone is inserted face down
+ convenient clip clothespin
+ fast delivery
- not skin
-weak magnets
-I would like to sew a belt loop
-skoba sometimes goes to the side
Summary: expensive for this material, but so far there is no alternative to this holster - all others without fasteners for a belt.
You can take it, while my worn and like.
Photo on the body