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I offer an overview of a simple 4 sim phone. Phone very satisfied.
p.s.Until the link is an updated version with Wi-fi, I took it without him.
The phone came in a simple, pretty package:
A photo

Standard equipment:
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1) The phone itself with a film on the screen, joystick and camera

2) Headset (did not check the quality, but I doubt that it is different from analogs)
3) Charger (combined with a cable for connecting to a computer)
4) Instruction
Build quality is good: no backlash, everything is adjusted in size, nothing sticks out anywhere \ does not touch. It is pleasant to hold in hands, rather heavy. On the side there are additional controls for the volume of the call and the player, playback / pause for the player.
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1) 4 SIM cards in standby mode: communication is good, radio module is one.
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2) 2 slots for a memory card: inserted into both on 512 MB-worked, although in fact the memory card is not needed in it.
3) 2 cameras (the quality has already been said so much that I have nothing to add, and I don’t use them)
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4) the speaker is very loud (when the phone was turned on for the first time, it was almost about fear :)). Personally, I have enough volume for a call for 4 (out of 7). Vibration is weak
5) Bluetooth (not tested yet)
6) radio (did not check)
7) TV (turned on once, found 4 channels in the basement, only one showed less distinct. It doesn't matter to me)
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8) the internal memory is only 50 kb (this is the reala minus, as I said, from a memory card to zero sense — it suits only 5 melodies and that's it, the photo for the subscriber is copied to the internal memory — in normal quality, nothing is delivered, and in the amount of the limit.
9) QWERTY-keyboard with Russian letters (beforeI never used it, it was not very convenient at first, the keys are small, Russian letters are printed very small, but I use it very rarely, so it does not matter. The backlight is dim, the keys are almost invisible in the dark, and even if the phone is not unlocked, it will not work)
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10) the screen (quite bright and pretty, I thought it would be with a ripple and angular image, but it turned out to be of good quality: it doesn’t ripple and the image is quite clear and smooth)
11) The Russian language is present (Russification is very like, literally one point is not translated, connected with the inclusion of a notification about the end of charging. I did not notice any obvious errors or flaws in the translation)
12) Battery (in principle, the battery is satisfied,it charges fully in 2 hours, lasts a maximum of 2 days when talking a day somewhere for 60-80 minutes. If you remove the memory card, I think, the time will increase by another couple of hours. But I will order a better quality - 2 days is not enough for me)
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13) The connection quality is good (no worse and no better.The previous phones didn’t cause any complaints so far, me and the interlocutor are heard well, in the cold the phone also works without complaints. only sometimes when speaking there are fonny sounds)
14) 3.5 mm jack (sound quality is average, but it doesn’t matter to me, there is a mp3)
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15) there is a connector for a thin Nokiev charging, I tried to stick a no reaction
A photo

16) the back cover opens tightly (this is good), the plastic is pleasant to the touch
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17) there is a LED on the front panel (it annoys me specifically because it blinks constantly with a small interval)
18) when you turn on the phone, you can choose whichSims will work, and which ones should be disabled. also if only 2 SIM cards are involved, then pressing the second call key immediately dials the number (without the need to confirm, as is the case with 3-4)

Verdict: the phone is more than satisfied.
P.s.s.If the Chinese would have made the same phone, but without the extra functions, it would be much better:
- remove slots for memory cards
- remove extra controls as unnecessary
-Clear cameras also as useless
- remove this annoying TV
- remove the g-sensor (why the hell did he give up here)
After all this:
-increase the memory of the phone at least in the region of 3-5 MB (at worst, 1 MB is enough)
-improve standing speakers (mostly conversational)
-improve the microphone
-add a retractable antenna to amplify the signal (to catch in some kind of wilderness)
Let it be more expensive, but it would be much more useful.