New N9 mobile phone 3.5 ″ built-in battery, Polish and Russian language Free shipping

A year ago, I bought a phone. Now he began to slowly die. If you touch the screen, the vibration from touch works, but the positioning is clearly lame. Sometimes you have to drag your finger across the screen for a long time to take it off the lock. I did not use this phone, but a relative, the functions of this phone were 100% suitable for him. To replace the previous phone, it was decided to buy a similar one in the same price range (the previous phone cost $ 33.87).

At first, I looked at the samephones, even thought to buy already, but accidentally stumbled upon a copy of the phone Nokia N9. Yes, and the price I was pleasantly surprised ($ 24.99). In the end, I could not resist and ordered.
The parcel waited a long time. Most of the time she hung out between China and Russia. When I got it, I was surprised at how light and thin it was. The package is assembled in the standard way - the item (in my case, the phone) is wrapped with a pimple, and then everything is wrapped in several layers of yellow Chinese scotch. What makes such packages like - it is almost impossible to open them.

Having hardly cut a yellow adhesive tape, we get the box wrapped by a pimple

We remove the film. I was surprised that the box is all blue and there are signs on only two sides.

Open the box and see the modest content.

Inside the box:
1) the phone shook once again into a pimple (good forethought)
2) charger with USB output
3) USB cable for charging and connecting to computer
4) headset
5) a small instruction sheet in English
First we get the phone from the film

Through a protective cellophane case, you can see that Nokia is written on the phone.
Phone without a protective cellophane cover. A protective film is stuck on the screen.

Next to Nokia, we see the lens marking: Carl Zeiss Tessar. Insolent Chinese are not afraid of anything at all :-).

Right side view

Swing sound and power button / lock
View from above:

You can see the headset jack and two plugs. At first I thought it was a power button.
Bottom view

Bottom is the speaker and white paint marking, exactly like the original, only on the last marking squeezed out in plastic, and not made paint
The left view did not take pictures, since there is nothing on the left side.
Ribbed protective cover can be easily removed

At first I was looking for a long time, where are the SIM cards being inserted. There are no slots on the phone and the phone is not collapsible! When I ordered the phone, I did not pay on the inscription in the description: built-in battery.
Prompted wife, she Nokia Nokia 5800. Under two plugs there was a slot for charging micro-USB, two slots for SIM cards and one for microSD. To insert a SIM card, you need to pull out a protective metal panel, attach a SIM card, and then shove everything back together. The first cap closes the charging slot and part of the second SIM card slot. Under the second cap, there is a slot for the first SIM card and a slot for microSD.

Without a SIM, the phone loads in a couple of seconds, while the Chinese even copied the animated screensaver from Nokia:

Loaded phone

As you can see, the Russian language is already installed. The font is smooth (on the previous phone he jumped).
The phone has only two main screens: the desktop and the screen with applications.

You can go to the screen with applications if you drag your finger across the screen to the right or click on the icon with the house.
The screen with applications scrolls down.
Here are some more photos of the included phone

Translated, of course, not as good as we would like, but any menu item is understandable. If the inscription does not fit, then the screen starts moving.
Charging is normal, under the Russian outlet with a 5V output and a maximum current of 0.5A.

The USB cable is also normal, about 50 cm long.

Headset with Nokia logo. The headset itself has a call acceptance button and a microphone.

On the reverse side, some kind of marking, probably copied from the original headset.

Headphones are ordinary, that is, no

Complete with headphones were foam inserts, but they are so thin that I have fears that they would be left in the ears at the first use.

The plug is ordinary, with an additional section.

On the headset was pasted a label with the inscription HX, what it means, I do not know.

Well, and finally, the instruction. A small piece folded four times, which unfolds into a little footwoman. On this sheet in small print something is written in English, there is not a single picture.

The phone has two cameras. The rear shoots with a maximum resolution of 640x480, although 2.0M is written in the description. Either I didn’t set the resolution in the wrong way, or even here the Chinese cheated. The front camera is located on the bottom right.
1) in some places a clumsy translation.
2) there is no possibility to install programs
3) weak cameras
4) non-replaceable battery, although it can be a plus.
Of the benefits I can note (compared to the previous phone):
1) great price. Well, where else can you buy a similar phone with a 3.5-inch touchscreen screen, two SIM cards for 750 rubles.
2) do not play anything (back side, it is not folding)
3) there is WAP / GPRS, there was no phone on the past
4) 3.5 ’’ large screen with a resolution of 320x480 (3.2 ‘’ 240x320 in the past)
5) and here I also did not find more pluses.
In general, the phone makes a double impression. On the one hand, it is soundly made, performs the functions of a phone and a media player, but on the other hand, when you turn it on, it is clear that it is a fake, and it looks like the original only with the case.
If you use this product as a phone and media player, then for 750 rubles., A normal purchase. If the phone wants something more, then you should look at the phones more expensive.
But how stable and long it will work, only time will tell ...