New SOKI White Crystal Quartz Womens Band GIFT Watch W083

Obzorchik, means the company SINOBI, prettyknown and makes good copies of watches, only the brand leaves its own. If memory changes me, then this is under Chanel, I also saw the watches of this company remind RADO.
The watches came packed in a bag of polyethylene, they were wrapped over with a film so that they would not scratch.

Well, in general, taught his wife to order, I tell heralways read the description, the sizes, well, and others, speaks well, hours come, I look that they are small, I go to the site, I look there 2 different sizes, well I was a little upset, there is nothing to wear.
It seems there are no minuses, but either my wife has a super small brush, or they do it in China with a margin))) But the clock turned out to be big (in general, like everything before reaching), well, this is not a problem, the master will do it.
The steel strap, covered with white enamel (on the original, such as ceramics) has nothing to wear off yet, but it will probably be.
Photos in the app, the truth is on my hand.