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Another fm-transmitter in the car.
Its feature is in the presence of the bluetooth handsfree function, and the ability to transfer the song name through RDS, which is why this product was actually purchased.
Photo description-conclusions below ... (sorry, many letters)
In order that the audiophiles would not waste their time, I will immediately say that the sound quality is absolutely not dvd-audio

Philosophical retreat
Why do people buy transmuter? There are many reasons - in my case, changing the radio tape recorder is quite difficult / expensive, it only eats audio-cd, and I want to listen to mp3. Also, do not want to lose buttons, wheels on the steering wheel.
For a while, I used a miracle solution underThe name xcarlink is a device that pretends to be a cd changer, allowing you to play mp3 from a flash drive and sd card. Unfortunately, after a year and a half, my xcarlink died, and paying about $ 100 for a new one does not allow an amphibian.
The cost of the described device is $ 27 when paying PAYPAL (then this payment method was still working), when paying with a Visa card - $ 21, I chose the second method.
The transmitter came in a nondescript box, which hesitated quite a bit along the way - threw it out right away.

Included own fm-transmitter itself, and a pair of remotes:
standard remote

and remote control on the steering wheel

With the help of simple manipulations, the fastening of the console is disassembled and fixed with a screwdriver on the steering wheel - there are no complaints about fastening:

Quickly enough, the console can be installed / removed - by moving it along the steering rack guides ...

Pultik is very convenient, taxiing does not interfere (despite my fears) - all functions are available through it, it works from any position of the steering wheel, which is surprising.
The transmitter itself is quite compact, on itsthe case of several buttons, a hole for a usb flash drive, a slot for an sd card, a hole under which a microphone is hidden, a hole for a line input from an external sound source.
The transmitter can be adjusted but tilted.

The screen is tiny, with low resolution, low-contrast and completely faded in the sun.

But as the first 8 letters of the name of the file being played are transmitted via RDS to the radio tape recorder, you don’t need to look at this screen - everything is visible on the screen of the radio and on the screen of the dashboard.
When you change the file being played, the second is displayed like 8/201 - (the 8th file out of 201 is played), then the name of the song is truncated to 8 characters.

Unfortunately, this fm-transmitter does not know Russian letters, and displays only song titles written in transliteration / in English, which, incidentally, did not cause much surprise.

The transmitter remembers the song you played before turning it off, and after switching it on starts playing it from the beginning. Transmission frequency and volume level is also memorized.
There are several equalizer settings thatslightly change the nature of playback, as well as several playback modes (all, single, random, folder). What was surprised is that the transmitter starts transmitting a second after connecting, and also quickly scans new flash drives / sd cards. The change of songs is almost instant.
Declared the presence of the function of moving to folders -but I somehow did not check, most likely it should work. With the help of a special button on the remote, you can switch playback from a USB flash drive, external source, sd card.

On sound quality - stereo music, in the pauses can be heardsmall artifacts, noise, clicks ... I am glad of the fact that in motion, even if you are an audiophile three times, you will not hear this background - it is quite quiet. But having gone out of town, I didn’t hear these clicks ... So, personally, I don’t have any complaints about the sound quality, there are low frequencies, although it may be different on other tape recorders.
The phone can be connected to the device viastandard bluetooth code 0000 - you can answer calls, dial the last dialed number - even I could hear it - but I don’t need this function in the transmitter, however, there is already one bluetooth in the car, regular one. I do not think that this function will be in demand in my car also for the reason that the microphone hole is in the area of ​​my knee.
In general, summing up - to me this fm-transmitterlike, the presence of RDS and remote control on the steering wheel turned out to be very convenient. For places where the radio does not reach, it is quite a useful thing. I recommend those who are not critical of the presence of CD-quality sound, but again, the sound is quite normal.