Newman n1

I decided to make my wife a small birthday present - a modern smartphone. Since I have been ordering all sorts of knick-knacks on AliExpress for about half a year, and everything is fine, I decided to order there.
The thought of such a gift was prompted by the review of the pink female phone Lenovo LePhone A520, but the iron in that phone was rather weak.

Therefore, another phone was chosen, with a modernelement base, but always in a pink case. I didn’t want to flash it myself, so I found a phone with Russian firmware in Alibaba’s caves and, after 35 days of waiting, the phone arrived at its destination.
Characteristics and equipment

The phone was already packed in three boxes, so the first one - the native packaging has a quite presentable appearance.
On the outside of the package was glued paper for customs, they say this is a gift for $ 10, and not the phone for $ 200.
Outer packing

The wife was delighted with the gift, the address book was quite simply transferred from the old Nokia.In the female hand, the phone looks very elegant.The phone has an excellent build quality, no burrs, no creaks and no backlash.
One more photo

The phone is medium in size (4.3 "), it is convenient to hold in your hand. The screen is of normal brightness, with good viewing angles.
Viewing angles

The phone pulls HD video, but only 720P. There is a transport film on the screen, so you don’t need to be scared.The camera diminishes the colors a little blue, but the screen is bright and bluer.As the seller wrote to me: “Russian is not a problem.”The interface of the 4th android gives only positive emotions.To improve the information content of the review, I ran tests, the results seem to be quite good.I bought a 16Gb memory card right away, so the price is based on the card, but minus the $ 5 coupon.The quadrant also shows decent results.
Even when reading reviews on this phone was surprised by the camera.The photos are actually very decent for the phone, as an example, photos of a cat and nature.
More photos of nature.

And some more creative photos by phone.


Positive impressions from the phone:
1) Like my wife
2) Yes, the rest does not matter.
Of the minuses, the seller stopped selling this phone, but it is sold to others.

PS: If you still have questions that are not covered by the review, ask - I will try to answer.