newX220-Android 2.2 512mb Tablet PC-MID-10. ”TFT Touch Screen-Wifi-1GHZ-DDR2

Today I will do a small review of several tablets that have passed through me, but not yet described on the site.
I'll start with the largest 10-inch tablet, a sort of netbook replacement.
In general, a good tablet with a large screen and a rather large screen resolution. One of the most inexpensive tablets with GPS.

I will note the advantages of the tablet:
- relatively smart processor, menus and programs do not slow down;
- 512 Mb RAM;
- high-quality assembly, nothing creaks and does not play;
- a good screen, though it is resistive, so no dualtach, the touch itself is quite responsive;
- one of the biggest advantages: built-in RJ45 connector in the tablet itself without any adapters;
- 2 USB again without any adapters;
- 2 microSD slots (i.e., you can stuff up to 64 GB of memory (in some versions, even 90 GB, but more on that below);
- GPS availability;
- The video shows well, there is an HDMI connector.
Now the cons:
- after communicating with more productive tablets, I want a percent faster;
- I didn’t like the work of wifi much, however, I think that only my copy was so dull;
- such tablets are somewhat the same outside, but different inside with different firmware.
In general, I took it as a tablet for sitting inIn the internet, I finally abandoned this idea :-(. Firstly, although the resolution is rather large for tablets and a big screen, but better resolution is better for surfing. But the most important thing is working with a flash. With normal surfing, in principle, problems No, a little habit and you can sit in the internet with a tablet, but, for example, when youtube opens, it starts to stupidly harshly, it is almost impossible to play flash games (and the wife loves them). Actually, that's why I refused the tablet.
There are three types of these planets, powered 5V, 9Vand 9V power supply, but with a slightly lower resolution of 1024x576. I had a model with a 9V power supply and a resolution of 1024x600, and the firmware between the first two versions are incompatible ... and it’s a pity, for 5V they are much more. According to the tests, the fastest of these clones is the 9-volt model, but in 5-volt one can replace the internal flash memory (there is a standard SD) with a larger one, up to 32GB.
I will recommend this tablet, all who need a bignavigator, better beast, especially for the money you will not find, GPS works awesome (albeit with an external antenna), but I haven’t met with more battery life, he kept me six hours when playing birds For me, a super result.
By the way, ordered with such a cover, bought Russian letters for him for 100rubles on ebay. Very good keyboard and high-quality case (there was the same case for 8-inch tablets - a rare disgusting thing, threads dangling, plastic settling). It turned out a kind of netbook replacement.
ZY Do not look at the price on the link that the seller pulled it up sharply. I bought it for about 170 bucks, now you can find it cheaper.