Original F8000 5.0MP Mini Full HD 1920x1080p 30FPS Portable Car Camera Camcorder w / 2.0 ′ LCD / 2-LEDs / 120 Degrees Lens / HDMI / TF Slot

Good day to all. This is my 2 review, I hope it will be more meaningful and useful for everyone else.
This video recorder buy is not the firstOnce, I brought myself and under the order of 8 pieces. I buy from the same seller, the problem registrar was only one, and then not myself. During the fastening test, the stock broke off, which pulls out the suction cup.

Well, I will not be about sad.
So, in the description of this registrar statedfullhd quality video. Well, to say, there are simply no analogues for such money. The closest one I met was Mystery 800HD, but with a similar configuration, picture quality - Mystery costs 4k.
Here is a clip
in which I make a small video review of the registrar, its completeness and appearance.

which showed the inclusion of the recorder, how to put the battery.
Here you can watch the video on a typical sunny day:
Here is the video from the registrar (corrected the link)
(The link goes to the Yandex disk, because the YouTube shreds even fullhd videos, the weight of the movie is ~ 220 MB, the duration is 4 meters. 59 seconds.)
Video as is, without compression, without quality improvement filters.
Of the benefits:
1. The registrar writes without pauses
2. Relatively inexpensive
3. Pivoting "head", which allows almost any car to set the desired angle for shooting.
4. A flash card is retrieved quite easily and quickly.
Of the minuses:
1. No internal memory
2. At night, takes off on their money.
3. Non-informative battery charge indicator - it seems that 1 division remains, it takes 5-6 minutes and the recorder turns off.