Original Factory Unlocked 3GS 16GB as a gift

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This seller unfortunately no longer sells an Apple Apple device.
Who cares my story, I ask under the cat
In October, I was puzzled by the purchase of a gift forDR wife. At that time I had an outdated star x18i, and she decided to order something on the anroid and with the new iron (6577). As a result, ordered a newman n1 ($ 178). Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the seller never sent me this phone, saying that the supplier had let him down. And this is a month later! Money really returned quickly.

In November, they gave me a fourth apple-phone on the DR and I fell in love with ios, I was very pleased with the stability of my work.
This was the impetus to order his wife a gift toosomething on ios, of course, I could afford only 3gs for the money, as a result of the search I found this seller, he bribed me with free EMS delivery, and assured that the device had a factory unlock (he also had a software unlock for $ 10 cheaper). As a result, ordered.
Flew pretty quickly

packing photo


Photo picking

device menu

As you can see there is firmware 5.1.1, there is no jail. Simka Tele2 identified without problems. From this we conclude that the seller did not deceive, unlock is not software.
Here is information about the device on different resources
Additional Information

I expected that this device is not new, and onOff-line by serial, I found out that they activated this device more than a year ago, but there was nothing to complain about the appearance of the device. The only thing I was afraid was that this was the so-called transformer - that is, it was assembled from parts of different phones, but fortunately this was not confirmed.
There are no complaints in the work, all the functionality works, the axis flies, the software from the appstore is installed.
This is certainly an outdated device, and for such money it was possible to take something with a large screen resolution, an order of magnitude better with the camera, but the design and axis were overwhelmed. The gift has already presented, the spouse is happy.
And what else do I need!
ps Do not scold for registration, I'm new here.