OTG-USB 3.0 SD / MicroSD card reader for backup / mobile access to memory cards

A small overview of the useful OTG-USB 3.0 card reader with Alice.
Not bad, with a metal case, with a Type-C connector.
Suitable for backup from memory cards, for example, data from the DVR, directly to your smartphone.
Suitable for viewing the captured photo-video materials from various video cameras.

Well, in general, it is an inexpensive USB 3.0 card reader ...
The review will discuss this lot OTG-USB 3.0 SD / MicroSD card reader UGREEN

In the lot there are two options, cheap with USB3.0 and more expensive, in an aluminum case with Type-C.

OTG card readers are not just for connecting external drives to a smartphone / tablet.
But I emphasize the importance of backing upcopying information from flash drives, for example, from the DVR in case of an accident (it would be better for no one to get into situations when this may be necessary).
With the help of such gadgets, you can immediately send a recording file to the mail, share the recording, save it.
Naturally, a simple MicroUSB-OTG card reader is suitable for this, but if you have a recorder with an SD card, then you need a universal option. For example, such as UGREEN.
Came in a branded cardboard box, inside the card reader. For a cheap card reader, a blister is used.

The card reader itself with two caps - under the USB connector and for Type-C.

connectors can be lost, so be careful.

But the case itself has a small ring - hang it with keys, etc.

Aluminum housing, on the one hand, two slots for SD / MicroSD

Thin aluminum body

USB is really version 3.0. The photo shows additional contacts.

UGREEN is marked on the upper part of the case.
In the photo, the memory card is not specifically inserted until the end - to mark the slot

In terms of compatibility problems, I did not notice - both cards are inserted.

MicroSD is fully recessed into the slot.

For comparison, my old OTG card reader. Pretty shabby and without USB3.0

It is connected to the smartphone, in a typical case - the length of the connector is enough.
When connected with an inserted memory card - determined immediately

Display in the file manager

Memory card.
There is read and write access.

Safely remove.
Everything is standard.

Test conductor windows. Well, not so hot. Copying minutes 7-8, the write speed on the card is low.

CrystalMark speed test

By speed - apparently my memory card at hand was stupid (Class10), since the speeds did not work out above USB2.0.
In any case, the adapter has done its job, and SD, and MicroSD, everything works.
Inside they promise the GL3224 chip with native support for USB3.0
Such an adapter can help out in a difficult situation when you need to share or transfer files urgently. And he is at hand))))

You can throw movies on the memory card and watch on the road. You can view the photo / video from a camera or camera, and at the same time send by mail or share on social networks.

The card reader is inexpensive, not bad, the OTG version looks stylish, the budget version without Type-C - well, just an inexpensive version of the card reader from a good company.
I would recommend having a similar OTG (under your connector type) always at hand. You never know ...
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