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Good day, my dear readers! This is my third review:) I hope you enjoy it
On August 21, I ordered a steamer (as a gift for myself), the order was sent on August 23 and on September 15 I was already holding this device in my hands.
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And so is my steamer:

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And so the steamer came in a dirty gray color (I prefer the blue color), the set includes: a brush, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, a cord, an instruction manual and a bag (of course).
The principle of operation is very simple: pour 2 dimensionalcup and add a scoop of salt (small, large, and even iodized was tried. salt is added to increase the stream of steam). Turn on the socket you put the steamer and wait until the steam appears? The procedure takes less than a minute. In the process, there is a very loud sound of boiling water and extraneous noise. Not enough for a long time, but stated 10 minutes.
When using the device revealed shortcomings: heats up very hot and not to hold on except for the handle, it is not very convenient, because to add water you need to remove the handle. The handle is removed very hard and you have to wait until it cools down to take up the case. Also sometimes, when you cant steamer from the working position, boiling water can run out of it
The steamer has 2 working positions vertically (if it is tilted to the left or to the right it stops working) and horizontally (it does not work very effectively, because sometimes everything turns off).
Thin fabrics otparivaet very well and withoutproblems! Something complicated and heavily crushed is not very effective at stripping (or you have to mess around for a very long time). I tried to smooth out the coat and it turned out
The device itself is very light (weighing only the cord, the cord is the same as from the power supply or monitor), but in no case do you trust the children (DANGER TO CHILDREN)!
... and according to local traditions