Pencil case for pens, pencils (can be used for makeup brushes)

Bought such a pen case for pens / pencils. And then already tired of searching for 15 minutes in the bag-abyss handle)).
Veshitsa good, came without a smell. It looks the same as in the photo of the seller. So I'm happy with the purchase))
1. The absence of the characteristic "Chinese" smell

2. appearance
3. usability
4. price
Cons: it seems there aren't any)) ... And for such a price, it seems to me, you should not even try to look for them))
Now the photo:
Photo image on the outside of the case:

Sorry, I never bought a ruler))) So, especially for those who dislike my old lady, the following photo:


Inside, for some reason, it is written Twilight)) What would itdid that mean Perhaps this case was done by Twilight fans, or it was made for fans of this film. Well, or is it just a coincidence))). In any case, it amused me a little.

Total: a good thing and a good price)) Therefore, if you, like me, hardly find anything in your bag (especially such a small thing as a pen), I advise you to purchase)). In addition, it looks like a pencil case, pretty damn well))