Pepper Mill The right thing in the kitchen!

All good autumn day.
On the review today pepper-mill.
Somehow tired of using pepper already ground in sachets. Taste and flavor is not the same.
Whether freshly ground pepper. Fragrant. You pour over the dish and the aroma spreads in the kitchen.
Briefly about the delivery: the parcel arrived to Vladivostok in 3 weeks; Packed as standard in plastic bag and bubble wrap. It's all safe and sound.

At the time of ordering the goods cost 296 rubles and free shipping. Now the seller has increased the price (in the title), plus also made a paid delivery. Which of course is a minus.
Main characteristics of the product:
- wooden

there are small chipped from the side of the knives)
- knives ceramics
- sizes:
- steel lamb
diameter 5 cm
In order to fill the pepper-pot, there is no need to subtilize anything: everything is easily and simply unscrewed the lamb, remove the cap, we drop the pepper inside, in particular. Took a black pea

Milling turns krupnovat. The particles are non-uniform. In theory, it should be regulated by a lamb, but for me and so, and so it turns out about the same.

I like it! I only use it. I ordered another one for grouped herbs and spices.
Thank you for your time!