I want to write a review on the tablet.
I got it for shares with joint purchases.
A brief summary for those who read laziness.
The tablet is normal, assembled with high quality, the battery lasts an average of 5-6 hours (in my mode it lasts 2.5 days)
for details in the studio.
In general, the story is as follows. Ordered one got another)))

and the fact that they ordered is still waiting.
About the price

Now about the tablet ...
He came packed here in such a package.

Was wrapped in foam rubber (pretty strong I must say)

The box has not suffered a single drop
(whether the stickers on the package from eternal theam worked this way, or just got lucky with the appeal, or maybe the foam rubber did its job)

Inside the box is a tablet (extra film) charging, OTG cable, USB cable.

Itching to turn on the tablet

Turned off so that the bundle was visible

Next came the turn of the firmware
downloaded the latest from the site site (4-16 Kb / s)
link to the exchanger

firmware program

In the subject on there is also a Russian one but it is for mebrought a pair of new gray hair. The fact is that she pointed out her default bin file. I kind of indicated the file and it did not apply. It all started sewing with an empty binary,
but I did not melt, somewhere from 15 attempts I managed to start the firmware again with the correct firmware))). Brick lay just 1 night.
And at night I had nightmares))) Joke.
Now a couple of photos of the interface in a friend who has not seen 4 androids
A photo

The market works

Antutu test shows 2800 parrots

O battery
Speaking generally, the battery makes me happy for a long time.
Here is a screenshot of my regular consumption

I played it hard to put the battery

General impressions, results
The tablet is assembled well, it's nice to hold in your hands. If you compare with the EKEN W70 (via8850), then the build quality is better here, the battery is also better, the screen (grit less), the tablet still slows down on the EKEN W70 this is not seen in the stock firmware there was a glitch when charging there were spontaneous clicks, now they are gone (by the way in EKEN too).
Well tactile sensations:
When I saw momo9-3, he immediately attracted me, there is no cheap feeling. With EKEN, the feeling of cheapness did not leave.
ZY The camera is there to use exclusively for Skype, With Root, too, there are no problems whatsoever out of the box in all the firmware, you just need to put the correct file manager.

I forgot to add another eken in flight, whichIt was originally listed in the promotion (the one of the 97 lucky ones) already a month (08/30/2012) as it flew out of China and never landed. these are not turtle airlines anymore but I don’t even know which ones.