Poptel P60 full stuffing in the “armor”.

Hello, friends. Today I am with another review of the phone from the company Poptel. On the review of their top model at the moment model P60. In this review, I will not throw the phone, as in previous reviews of the phones of this company, because unfortunately the audience of the site did not appreciate it anyway. Instead, I'll post crash tests from the company, if you're still interested, then read on).

This smartphone is still the latest inmodel range of the company, but in my opinion there were some improvements compared with the previous P10. But first, let's look at the technical characteristics of the device.
Technical characteristics of Poptel P60:
● Display: 5.7 ", Full HD + (2160 × 1080), 18: 9, IPS, Corning Gorilla Glass
● Processor: MediaTek Helio P23, eight cores, graphics Mali G71-MP2
● Built-in storage: 128 GB, microSD support up to 128 GB
● Main camera: 16 + 5 MP, dedicated button for shooting
● Front camera: 8 megapixel
● Battery: 5000 mAh, fast charging 5V / 2A, wireless charging
● Security: fingerprint scanner, face recognition
● SIM cards: two, nano format, 4G LTE support
● Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
● OS: Android 8.1 Oreo with add-on from manufacturer
● Dimensions: 167.2 x 78.3 x 13.8 mm
● Weight: 248 grams
● Colors: red, green and orange
The phone has grown slightly in the diagonal of the display andthe screen resolution, also the manufacturer added the RAM and the built-in drive has grown to 128 GB. But the processor remains the same as in the P10, the same Helio P23. What will be the results in the tests, we will see next.
This phone comes in a black box, like the previous model, only the inscription is different.

Inside we see on the lodgement the phone itself and the accessories laid out in separate boxes.

Inside the largest box there is a little waste paper, brief instructions and a warranty card, also there is a protective glass and napkins for its sticker, and a mediator.

In the next box we have a charging cable,The usual, not extended microUSB, which is already a big progress, since it is not necessary in case of what to look for a special cable. And plus they put an audio adapter with an extended 3.5 mini jack connector, thanks for that too, I won’t have to look for it myself.

In the last box is the chargerdevice on 5V / 2A. Although for some reason the description says about fast charging, or there was a view that when charging takes a large current and charges faster, check it later.

Actually go to the phone. This model looks like a typical representative of a family of protected phones, here there are chopped corners, all sorts of projections and nodules, but only in moderation. And despite the 5.7-inch diagonal, the phone does not look very monstrous. Although to be honest, I prefer the design of the P10 model. This model is available in several colors, I have with red elements of decor, and there are more with orange and green.

The entire front is occupied by the screen, the buttons in this model, and I look at the majority of such phones with onscreen ones. In the lower part you can see the microphone hole.

Above there is a camera window, a light sensor andEven, finally, there is a notification LED, which I missed. It is certainly not as functional as xiaomi, but to glow when charging is in progress. Perhaps there are third-party applications to control the indicator.

On the back of the phone, located on top of 2camera and flash. Just below placed a fingerprint scanner. Below the logo is visible polyphonic speaker grille. By the way, the sound from the speaker is better here than in P10, there is no metallic sound.

At the bottom of the phone is located microUSB charging connector, it is without a plug. Declared full waterproof.

A headset connector is hidden under the cap,here you need to use the complete adapter or the connector housing of your headphones will have to grind off a bit. In general, I like this arrangement of connectors, it is more convenient than when everything is below or all above.

On the left side of the phone is located only the tray.for two nano sim cards, or sim card + memory card. I usually think this is a minus of the phone, but in this case, I consider the built-in 128GB for the user to be sufficient.

On the right side is already 4 control keys. Above this is the volume rocker, below it is the on / off key of the phone. Below that is a programmable key on which you can hang up a call to any application, and at the very bottom is the camera's quick-call button, it cannot be reconfigured.

The body of the phone is made of rubber-likePlastic, which well absorbs impact when dropped, tested on model P8. On the sides there are metal inserts. In general, my body does not cause rejection, the only thing that I would remove is a carbon fiber insert on the back, it does not look at all there.
Despite the size, the phone sits normally in the hand, but working with one hand is certainly not very convenient, if at Poptel P10 I reached almost every edge, it would not work that way.
In this model, the manufacturer decided to move away fromschemes, we fill in pure android and that's it. Here is Android 8.1.0 slightly reworked externally. In particular, its launcher installed and added a couple of interesting applications. One of them is called “Privacy System”, it allows you to create a password-protected zone with photos, files that will not be visible in the shared file system. Moreover, the launch icon of this application also disappears from the desktop after setting, you can get there by typing the password in the dialer. In short, the application is useful for paranoids and for those who have something to hide in their phone). There is also an SOS application in which you can set up emergency call phones, SMS with the text “I'm in trouble” and your GPS coordinates will also be sent to these phones. Also there were themes for the desktop. And the rest is pure android.

Of course, conducted standard synthetic tests, the results below. By the way, the phone scored almost as many parrots in AnTutu as the previous model, despite the larger screen resolution.

Data on the system and sensors in the screenshots. Sensors also poured enough.

The screen in the phone is good, the sun does not blind,minimum brightness does not blind the eyes in the dark. With good resolution, the picture looks great. It sits well in the hand, but using one hand is no longer comfortable. The touchscreen recognizes 5 touches.

I made some photos with the cameras of the phone. I must say, finally, they put a more or less good camera into the protected phone, more precisely, even 2, although the second one I suspect is fake. The main one at 16MP takes a photo in the resolution of 4608 * 3456, the front one at 8 megapixel 3840 * 2176. The video is in FullHD resolution of 30k / s. The camera can shoot slow-motion, time-lapse, there is a so-called pro mode where the settings are changed by handles. Autofocus works quickly, the pictures are clear, especially in good light, below I put some snatched photos, you can see on the googdisk original.
Some photos in different light conditions

Video file properties.

GPS and WiFi are stable, nothing special.I can not say. Satellites are caught standardly for mtk processors, stably on the street holds about 8-10 satellites out of 20. I made a small tracking trip, in principle, everything is decent, it leads along the highway, although in some places there is a trip to the sidelines. The sound in the speaker is loud, without a metallic tone, as in P10, the audibility is good, no one complained. The NFC module works, as in all other models, you can bind your card. The fingerprint sensor does not cause any special questions, it works, sometimes there is no finger, the unlock speed is within a second.

We now turn to the battery. There is a non-removable 5000 mAh battery installed. At the start, it takes 1.9A, a 5152mA white tester is poured into it. During the charging process, the current gradually decreased. Below made a small sign. The discharge of the battery took almost 15 hours, the discharge is smooth without failures.

That is, the full charge turned out 4.5 hours.
Additionally, there is support for OTG, it worksnormal, but only with FAT32 flash drives, NTFS sees, but offers formatting. Also a plus, the phone can be used as a power bank, it normally charges the previous P10. Also from the bonuses here there is a wireless charging, but my charger which I ordered, was lost somewhere and I personally cannot check this chip, but they write on the Internet that it works.

The charging connector is not protected by a rubber band, as I already said, it does not let the water through, at least for now).
In general, in my opinion it turned out prettyinteresting phone, of course, if the price tag to reduce dollars to 200). I will not paint the pros and cons of this phone, anyway everyone will have their own opinion on this matter. I would say that of all three phones of the company, this one I liked the most, not in appearance, but in terms of filling. And this phone has its own buyer, and even the custom has already appeared on w3bsit3-dns.com. Thank you all, who mastered and, as always, thanks for the adequate comments.
Since I decided not to do a full crash test, I still do not do this anyway), I give a link to the video from the manufacturer.
ZY Who has a coupon of $ 20 from $ 200, the price becomes interesting.
Test of strength.

Video version of the review.