Praktica Luxmedia 14-z50. Quality is above the price.

I have become the master of the entry level SLRand always take it with me when I know for sure that I will take pictures and a lot. In everyday life, we will be objective, all the advantages of the zerkalos are broken about their one major drawback - size. After many thoughts, an identikit of the future camera was made for each day. Interesting? Please cut.

1. Small size (should fit in your pocket).
2. Battery with low self-discharge. The device must lie on the shelf for up to six months and be ready to work without recharging.
3. Manual shooting modes: aperture priority, shutter speed, manual white balance and the rest of the DSLRs.
4. Acceptable image quality (no worse than that of branded soap dishes of the same price range).
5. Optical zoom 5x. I think more brute force, less shortfall.
6. Price, not more than 150 Baku rubles. I often rollerblade, ride, go hiking. In such circumstances, killing the camera is not easy, but very simple. Hence the price. Losing such a sum I can survive. Here I am so miserly.
As it turned out - it was not a trivial task. Having combed all the stores within a radius of 30km, it was found out that all the major camera manufacturers had stopped producing soap boxes with manual modes. They are replaced by Smart Capture technology, when the camera selects the mode and settings itself. As field tests have shown, Smart is often mistaken in exposing portrait mode, although your refined taste and sense of beauty asks for a landscape mode. Because of this, you have a cogative disonance, headaches, depression, insomnia, the necessary stress. You start to get nervous, your wife starts to get nervous, your dog starts to howl at the moon and bite his own tail, the mother-in-law calls to ask how your health is. But do you want?
The next on the list was google. Pelopat eZaliv, youTrub and a bunch of forums, she was found - the soap dish of my dream !!! Praktica Luxmedia 14-z50, aigo w168, aka BenQ E1480. By the way, as a retreat, Aigo is the largest OEM manufacturer for brands such as Casio, FujiFilm, Sanyo, and so.
Briefly TTX for techno-fetishists:
Optical zoom - 5x
Focal length range - 15-100cm (wide angle)
Ramer matrix - 1 / 2.3 "CCD, 14Mp firm SONY
Screen - 2.7 "(960 × 240)
ISO - 100,200,400,800,1600,3200
Exposure: 15-1 / 2000 sec.
Video: up to 720p (1280x720), AVI codec (MJPEG)
PASM mode: aperture priority, shutter speed, and so on
From dry numbers TTX move to my subjectiveto feel A very fast percentage that allows you to build a histogram in real time and take pictures of children without missing a moment, Sic !!! Good ergonomics: after evaluating the histogram, one “Fn” button and you are in the menu with all the settings. Also, fast cold start, fast motor zoom, fast focus (in the dark slightly tupit). Bracketing with one stop up and one down (lovers of HD photos will understand). A good depth of field on a macro or in portrait mode (I did not expect this from the built-in optics). The battery holds about 250-300 pics (depending on how often you use the flash). An additional plus is that the Olympus Li-42B Li-40B, Fuji NP-45 and Nikon EN-EL10 batteries are suitable for this model. Issue price of 5 cu OEM world is such an OEM.
Let's go through the most interesting modes, according to versionme. LOMO mode - makes a vignette in the corners and warm colors in the fashion trend now Instagram. Fisheye - everything is clear. Precomposition - remove the terrain taking into account your concepts about it (I advise you to familiarize yourself with the 1/3 rule). Pass the camera to a third party. You yourself get up in the desired position. All that the partner has to do, combine the translucent reflection of the composition you have shot with reality and you in it, press the trigger. PROFFIT !!! The following is the most useful D-Light mode. As far as I understand, they simply change the metering to spot. As a result, everything that gets into the center frame of the focus will be with an acceptable dynamic range, everything that is out of the frame or in overexposure or under-light, depending on the lighting. All other modes are standard and dull, so I will not describe them.
We turn to the shortcomings, but they are not many. Slightly noisy matrix (compared to branded soap dishes), even at ISO 100. Glitch with the wrong white balance in manual modes when using the flash (there is no correction for the balance during its operation). It is solved by driving the flash into Slow Sync mode. Autofocus errors in low light, but this is the standard disease of all soap cases, this model is not the worst representative for this indicator.
Sample photo (resize to 1024 pixels and already from 4mb to 150kb)

An example of the work of D-Light (resize to 1024 pixels and already from 2MB to 150KB)

Link to the archive of two photos without post-processing.
P.S. The seller put in the kit, completely free of charge, an SD card on 8Gb, Class 4. Trifle but pleasant. Thank you, unknown Chinese comrade.