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Because of dad's shoulder, his son was seen on the monitor of a radio-controlled machine. Pril - buy. Earlier there was the experience of acquiring offline. For a long time did not travel.
On Ali, a coupon for $ 5 was just lying around. The machine cost 34. Well, for 29 bucks you could buy it. After a rough review, I can say: absolutely mediocre machine. It would be better to order a shifter. That one is funnier. The son began to forget the same machine on the second day. The reasons for this will describe below.

Declared specifications and completeness

So, I'll start with misadventures. Our unforgettable mail_Russia (especially with small letters). Again, the timing of the raking of warehouses and the transfer of customs. And then there's the Chinese seller. Beginner. It seems and responds and calms, but one hell. She sent me as many as 3 tracks! And the first, which she ordered to score immediately, turned out to be precisely this premise. Well, not trusting the sender, I tracked all three tracks. On the date 09/05/2012 - flew out of China. And only 09/22/2012 - import. Where at this moment the plane was blocking is not clear. Over the Bermuda Triangle, perhaps. There just occur shifts in space-time. Mars in Sagittarius and all that ... Well, after 12-13 days I wrote a slander to Rospotrebnadzor, at the post office itself, at the customs office, at the reception of the President (underline). So, the answers by normal mail (the law requires them to respond in print) came before the parcel. Well, today even mail_Russia is deigning to unsubscribe.
Traditional reply p_r

And, of course, no responsibilitysupposed to I already passed it. I had a phone number of 3.5 thousand for a low mail of 800 with something there days ago. And no official events helped.
Okay. I got it yet. Unpack

The first impression is Chinese crap.

A bit more

The body is a plastic monococcus from something like 0.3-0.4 mm plexiglass.For coloring not stingy.Bright, catchy - just so that the eyes of children lit up. It is fixed on plastic racks with ordinary wire clips.Wheels - tires interchangeable.Some are for drift (bald), others for normal driving (with protector).Drift slips across the carpet - let’s go. With the tread still somehow cling. But not tight. Leaning somewhere horns car continues to buzz and turn the wheels. Both sets leave black marks when rubbing against the same laminate.
The cart is plastic.It has four racks for different body types.Several fixed positions are provided with locking screws.Purely in order to change the body-monococci. On the seller page shows some samples. The drive trolley is the same, and the model can be a lot because of the opportunity to put on any body. The photo shows traditional Chinese LEDs. Without them, just nowhere. For "complete happiness" there is not enough music when turned on. On the belly of the cart is a hatch for batteries.Slider ON / OFF switch and a mechanical compensator at the front axle for exhibiting a straight-line movement.Batteries - the inscription 7.2 V 700 mAh.Really surely even less, but check is simplebroke However, I do not advise you to change it for more capacious ones. On the previous machine, this did not lead to an increase in the riding time, but to the burning out of the bridge power transistors. The current is not climbed. Native batteries end in 10-15 minutes. Charging, given the inscription on the network memory - hours 4. If you leave on charge for the night - all night heats up. Those. charger never turns off. No electronics. Pure honey, in the sense of a transformer with a diode bridge.Transmitter - single frequency. There is no question about any races with similar toys - they will interfere with each other.The thingies on it, except for the swivel wheel and the cock, are fake.Joysticks don't seem to have resistors, but justcontacts. It works only on / off the corresponding engine. The engine can be seen in the hole next to the battery compartment. The usual brush engine, with a noise protection capacitor.Telescopic antenna, approx. 60 cm. Powered by the "Krona".Charger - typical for this class of machines. It performs its role, but we must look after it. Such chargers are full in any toy store.
Check the claimed:
Brand new and high quality. - Well, yes, the new machine and does not fall apart in the hands.
1:14 Scale. - Did not measure the dimensions of the original car.
Ready To Run. - There is everything for the first start.
Sport Car Series. - Judging by the color - yes.
Designed For Drift. - Slides on ice.
Four Wheel Drive System (4WD). - There is. True, the front wheels are equipped with overrunning clutch.
Wheel With Lightning. - Well, yes, where are we without LEDs in the wheels!
Adjustable Body Shell. - In fact, you can play by setting the height of the body above the cart.
Changeable Body Shell. - Yes, you can stick anything.
Monocoque Type Frame For Hard Crash Endurance. - A soft monococcus will endure a lot.
Latest Upgraded Motor. - No, no need to change anything there. Unless on similar when brushes will be covered. And they will walk to the holes quickly.
Semi-Pneumatic Tires. - "A little pneumatic ???" - Oh well, nafig. Cast they.
Car Specification: Color: Blue. - Depends on monococcus.
Battery: Ni-CD Rechargeable (Included). - Yes, there is such a crap.
Semi-Penumatic Tires. - And parvda, non-mild pinmatik.
Sealed Gear Box And Electronic Box. - Well, yes, the engine and the receiver with the siloviuha in plastic boxes.
Remote Control: Full Function Control. - Yes, everything can.
Right And Left Steering. - Yes turns, turns. Just right up to the stop, jerk.
Forward, Reverse, Left, Right. - Yeah, repeat. As with "a little puffed up" tires.
Requires 9V Battery (Included). - There is one.
Size: 33cm x 12.5cm x 9.5cm - 12.99inch x 4.92inch x 3.74inch. - Approximately converges.
Very small ground clearance (clearance). 5 mm.This allows the usual decorative thresholds of aluminum or steel in the apartment to overcome only immediately. There is a risk to hang.
In general, the machine is equal to offline suchsame lower class. At a price of up to 1,500 rubles. For a little more money you can take better. With plastic suspension. Metal is already hobby and much more expensive. And do not worry about delivery by our mail. After all, they can carry a bag of rattling debris. Again, IMHO, any SUV or crossover for the apartment and asphalt better.
Charges for a long time, discharges quickly.
Operated only by jerks. For drift, perhaps, just.
Well, the general overview in the dynamics, so to speak.