Promotion price! Car camera, car dvr camera with HD1280 * 720P ture and 6 IR LED H.264, free shipping H380 DVR027

A relative had a persistent need for a DVR.
The quality of the recording doesn’t worry much, but rather just the fact of presence
Ordered from the Chinese.
Price with shipping: $ 48
Under the guise of this registrar 100500 models are available in our market too.
They all have the same body, and the filling can vary significantly. On Aliexpresse such

joy can be purchased for $ 18, but the video quality and viewing angles will be even worse.
Supported Permissions:
WXGA: 1280 x 720 Pixels, 30fps (true)
WVGA: 848 x 480 Pixels, 30fps
VGA: 640 x 480 Pixels, 30fps
File Format: H.264
SD / MMC card: up to 32GB
Display video and date
Auto start after power on
Loop recording
Built-in battery
Interfaces: HDMI & USB2.0
2.5 inches swivel screen
Built-in microphone
Multilingual menu (Russian present)
The registrar traveled first by China post, and then by native mail.
Drove quickly enough. About 3 weeks.
The box is packed conscientiously:

But traditionally a bit crumpled:

Unpack the first layer:

The box is elegant and beautiful:

Inside the recorder itself:

And equipment:

Here we have a manual, USB cord, batteryin my opinion from some Nokia, fasteners on the glass, and power from the cigarette lighter with a fairly long cord. All components do not impress disposable, which is surprising.
Here is our hero:

Four control buttons near the foldingsmall screen. With their help, you can walk around the menu, change settings, and more. There is one nuance. Button to confirm the action, i.e. ‘OK’ is located on the right side of the recorder.
It can be seen in the photo. On the left is the power button, and then the action confirmation button. During device operation
With this button you can take a photo without interrupting video recording. I categorically do not advise doing this.
The photo will be frankly not the best quality.
Buttons on the end are larger:

In addition to the peephole of the Chinese camera, there are 6 LEDs in the front, which, according to the manufacturer, allow
significantly improve the recording in the dark:

On the left side are the interface connectors, covered with a plastic cap:

On the right side is an SD card slot and a power connector:

Fasteners made a good impression. Perhaps with time he will fall apart, but for now he is doing well:

Impressions and videos:
In my innocent DVR taste the device removes lousy.
I clearly lack this quality video.
However, the device performs the stated functions.
The package is complete, except that there is not enough HDMI cable, but you need to have a very perverted
fantasy to watch the video from this recorder on the big screen.
The device can work independently for some time on the built-in battery. According to my feelings from 1.5-2 hours.
For a person who is not obsessed with video quality, it may be quite a good choice.
Bright sun:

It seemed that the bright sun records the worst of all. Maybe it depends on the settings.