Wired remote shutter for Nikon

I want to talk about the purchase of a wired remote for remote shutter release for the Nikon D3100 and others like it (for all Nikon models that are compatible with the proprietary wired remote MC-DC2).
Sometimes, shooting in the evening at long exposures,photos with an obvious "shag" are obtained. It seems that shooting is not 2c hands "- I use a small FED'ovsky tripod - but still - sometimes there are blurred photos.

Similar to the Canon’s (with the help ofCHDK can be implemented such a remote descent literally on the knee in 5 minutes) it was decided to purchase a remote control for Nikon (there is no IR control in the D3100). But it was not there!!! Price tag turned out to be completely inhuman! No, that won't do ...
Began to look in offline stores ... Pricemore or less, but decided to look at Aliexpress. The price of such a remote control was quite adequate - what is being sold offline is at least 3-4 times more expensive than in China. And the remote was ordered. The seller did not pull for a long time with shipment - after a couple of days, he issued a track that immediately began to be tracked. And SF Express took my package to my destination. After 16 days, Nova Posta handed me a gray package and this was the end of the delivery.
Having unpacked the package, I saw cardboard packaging with fairly tolerable printing and printing. In the box was the remote itself in a separate bag and instruction.

The instruction manual consists of only 4 points.

  • first connect the remote to the camera
  • semi-autofocus and shutter speed (shutter speed)
  • press button for snapshot
  • at long exposures in BULB mode - press the button and move the frame as shown in the figure.

The second side of the instruction is the same, only in Chinese.
Lightweight console, Mass - only 41 g. The dimensions are 98x28x20 mm. The body is made of rough plastic, the shutter button is glossy. After unpacking, there is no smell from the console - so there is no need to weather on the balcony, as often happens with Chinese plastic.
On the front side there is a shutter release button (a two-way button, but it’s almost tactile and not felt) and a sliding lock of the button. Just put the name of the manufacturer ...

On the back of the console, the marking is “MC-DC2” and a notch to prevent the console from slipping out of hands.

Wire length of 90 cm, not hard. At the end of the wire is the “proprietary” connector used in Nikon D3100 / D7100 / D7000 / D5300 / D5200 / D5100 cameras and others.

When pressed, the button is locked with a sliding part on the front panel, which is quite convenient in manual shutter mode (BULB MODE). Moving the frame to its original position - you can release the button.

In general, this is a normal "remote button" for the camera. It performs its functions at all 99.99%.

The only BUT - could and L-shaped (or L-shaped - as it is more convenient for someone to read) to make the connector. But this is my IMHO. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.