Q670 Dual Sim Russian keyboard Unlocked phone 6700 Free shipping

I asked a friend to buy him a mobile phone for two SIM cards, Nokia or the like, because Nokia does not release such with an adequate price, the choice fell on this mobile phone made in China:

At the time of ordering the delivery was free to Ukraine, the price was US $ 25.48
The pipe was chosen gold and successfully paid 5September 2012, but since in China there were holidays and a congress of the Communist Party, the package did not beat the track for a month, I filed a claim, the package was magically wrapped back, and I was refunded. I understand that this is most likely not the fault of the seller, but this is not easier for me. The seller asked not to put a negative review and I decided to risk again to buy from him, paid for it and sent me by Sweden mail, received the parcel in just a few days, not more than a week (I don’t remember exactly)

Here is the seller's answer about the latest innovations in the mail of China:
HI, Because now China post can’t send batteryproducts, stal, THANKS and translation from Google:
HI, because now China post can notsend battery products, we all write Sweden and Singapore post, Sweden and Singapore postal delivery price is high, so now the order we do not have a discount. THANK
TTH from the seller's website

Little photo

The Chinese, as it turned out, humorists, taped Nokia with black insulating tape on the front of the phone

Height-weight in the photo

On the second day, the native battery died, the sellerHe promised to send another at the next purchase (I will buy more from him in the near future), a native of Nokia was inserted into the place of the deceased, it is slightly thicker than the Chinese and the back cover began to close a little tighter.
Who does not need a smart or finger device, worth buying.
1. Neither of which dangles inside and the body does not play
2. Works great with two sim cards.
3. Battery and charging fit from Nokia
4. Stereo sound
5. Russian keyboard
6. Decent Russification
7. Pleasant impressions did not go away after a week of use.
1. Battery died
2. No longer found and not heard from the owner.