Replica knife Fallkniven F1. Inexpensive good knife for fishing, hunting and tourism.

I thought it would not hurt to have a working knife for fishing with a fixed blade. The search was short lived. The result is the order of a Chinese replica of a Swedish knife Fallkniven F1 VG10.
First, the name of the product confused - why Buck? This is not a Buck at all!

Then he remembered that I was dealing with China. And the Chinese are ready to accommodate the entire history of this world in the names of goods.
I got accustomed to the photos of the seller and googling a little, understood where the legs grow from the knife and found the certificate for the knife.
After payment, I contacted the seller and asked him to print a certificate for the original knife and put it in the package.
The seller did not argue, said: "Ok" and promptly sent the knife.
In China, the knife was moving fast, but now the Russian Post decided to mock me - wherever possible, the package was delayed for the maximum number of days.
But, nevertheless, I have a knife. Customs did not open it, no problems arose.
Knife length: 214 mm
Blade length: 97 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Material: VG10 steel
Hardness of steel: 58HRС
Weight without scabbard: 170 gr

The knife came in a box wrapped with metallized paper — as if from packs of cigarettes. Inside was my certificate, printed out even on a color printer.
The box is apparently an exact copy of the original. It has inscriptions in Swedish and English. Even the instruction "How to grind" is available. There is a contact information of the manufacturer from Sweden.
The knife is a blade of steel on which a rubber handle is vulcanized.

Blade 25 mm high. Descents straight from the butt. Mixing is quite thick.

The blade has a logo engraved with a laser.

I doubt that the steel grade is as stated. But, according to the sensations that appeared during regrinding, it looks like 8cr13mov, from which Enlan EL04 is made.
The thickness of the blade butt 4 mm.

Non-slip handle. After wetting it becomes even more tenacious to the palm. On rubber there is a notch "scar".

In the handle there is a hole for the lanyard, in which the aluminum sleeve is flared.

From the butt of the handle comes the heel of the blade, addingknife great functionality. You can stab a tree with a knife by hitting the handle or break glass (for example, automobile) in case of an emergency. Or just to hammer a nail (for especially accurate).
The scabbard is rather thick leather, black.

The length of the knife in the sheath - 230 mm.
The scabbard has a top flap, which is fastened with a button on top of the handle and well protect the knife from falling out. In fact, this is not possible if the valve is buttoned.

From the back of the sheath there is a strap for hanging the sheath on a belt. Leather strap, riveted on the sheath.

At the bottom of the scabbard there is a hole for the flow of water. This will allow the blade to be kept dry and not subject to corrosion.

The knife is comfortable in the hand. A small guard does not allow a finger to slip on the cutting edge.

I like the knife - moderately heavy, but quite weighty, so that you can cut a branch. The blade has a maximum length for a quiet border crossing. The handle pleasantly lies in a hand and does not slide.
Unfortunately, the Chinese could not observe alltechnological processes. Therefore, there are flaws on the knife that arose during the processing of metal. The cutting edge was made disgusting - Different in height and closer to the handle was missing. Therefore, I immediately peretochil knife. In the photos, the knife is already reground.
I must say that I had to remove a lot of metal and the blade strongly resisted this. He rescued a diamond-coated bar from Taydei, with whom I reground my knife.
If you are an outsourcer and are looking for an inexpensive but reliable knife - this is your choice!
By popular demand I place certificates on this knife.
Certificate 1
Certificate 2