Belt + Trendy Men Belts + Calfskin Fashion Belt MBL110712-4

High-quality leather belt
Recently, I bought a lot of all sorts of things fromOf china. A lot of things got exactly on the reviews from the muska. I liked the review - I wanted to have such a subject. After that, when the thing was in my hands, the question arose, why did I buy it? Now, making an analysis of all my purchases, I came to the conclusion that the products that I chose myself are all actively used for their intended purpose. And those that bought after reading the reviews are mainly used sporadically or not at all. Today I want to talk about the leather belt that I chose myself.

During my life I changed a lot of belts, but at the endof all, he stopped at one type, in which the belt itself is inserted into the fastener and held there by a special mechanism. I did not like the belt with the classic buckle because the holes that fix the belt positions often “break” and become ugly. Plus, the holes are arranged with a certain pitch (2-3 cm) on the belt, and if you need to tighten the belt by 1-2 cm, you either have to make a new hole, or rearrange the buckle. These conclusions came as a result of everyday wear of all types of belts.
Immediately decided that I would not buy a cheap belt(better is more expensive, but better). I went through all the famous Chinese stores, in which I usually order things, I did not find a quality belt, plus everything, reading reviews of belts on the musk, was only firmly established in my opinion. Of all the stores, only Aliexpress and Ebay were ignored. I didn’t want to crawl on Ebay, and on Aliexpress the initial search did not give anything. Having abandoned my quest, I already completely abandoned the idea of ​​buying a belt in Chinese stores, but for good luck I received a letter from Aliexpress, which advertised leather wallets from a single manufacturer that has A + status. Looking through walletsI saw this manufacturer sells a very wide range of leather goods, including belts.
Not to say that the choice is too big, but it is much better than in other stores. And what is important - this manufacturer sells only quality items.
I chose a belt and I ordered it. The price of $ 17 (500-550 rubles) completely suited me. For such a price, it is impossible to find such a belt in local stores (we have prices for non-classical belts starting from 650 rubles), and the quality of these belts will not be so good.
A little history of the order

The package arrived quickly. The package was packed in a regular plastic bag - I did not expect this from a seller with such a good reputation.

With such a package to avoid damage could not:

We take the box out of the box.

If it were not for minor damages, then for the packaging would be a big plus - a solid gift can be made

But all this stuff that does not have a special relationship to a real purchase. Everything is immediately forgotten when you open the box.

The belt is packed in cellophane, the buckle is wrapped in a separate cellophane bag. In the box they also put a bag of silicone gel and a plastic card (business card).
We get everything out of the box

The card itself says:
Design by mr.Macdonal
Leather collection
I do not know who Mr. McDonal is, who designed the belt, but I really liked the belt. Perhaps in China he is known more than here
Reverse side of the business card

Release the belt from cellophane. The quality of the belt is even better than I expected.
Front side:

back side

Everything is done qualitatively, no influxes and scuffs. Metal processing at height. Next will be a comparison with my old belt, where the quality of the metal on the inside of the buckle is an order of magnitude worse.
Next to the buckle on the back of the belt there is an inscription:

I don’t know what the numbers 44 and 50 mean, but 125 means exactly the length of the belt. Perhaps 44 and 50 denote the size of the pants (from and to), but I could be wrong.
At the other end of the belt, an S-C logo is embossed on the inside.

The ribbed surface for fixing the belt is made qualitatively and has a length of 19 cm.

Along the edges of the ribbed surface gently stitched thread with the inner layer of the belt. The seam is flat, the threads do not stick

The inner part of the belt is made of light leather, the outer part is made of black leather.

Now comparison with my past belt, which I wore until that time (at least two years).

If you look at the buckle, you can see that she hasthe top layer in some places darkened a little. What is the reason, I do not know. If you look at the inside of the buckle, the metal there is not smooth, but has a rough structure. Outside this is not visible, but when you take off your pants, your eyes still cling to such things. I don’t know the price of the past belt, as I was given it.
The leather part on the new belt has a width of 3.5 cm, on the old 3.0 cm.
Now full-scale tests :).
I tried the belt on myself and decided that it was for mea little big. The clasp snaps into place at the very end of the ribbed surface. I would like to have a reserve in order to tighten the belt if necessary. In order to shorten the belt, I took a flat screwdriver and unfolded the tab on the inside of the buckle. After pulled the leather part of the belt

Ruthlessly cutting about 7 cm (measured by the old belt), I again inserted the leather part of the belt into the buckle and bent the tongue back. There are spikes on the tongue itself, which securely hold the leather part of the belt.

This is how the belt looks on me

If you look at the leather part of the belt in the section, you can see that the belt consists of three parts

Now briefly make conclusions:
1) High quality buckle
2) The material of the belt itself is five plus
3) Selection of belt length when ordering
4) Simple adjustment of belt length
5) Normal price for such a belt
6) Putting on and taking off the belt in one motion
1 package
2) Lack of a leather ring on a belt. On the last belt it was, and I used it (tucked the belt into it). True, somehow after passing through customs inspection at the airport, when I was forced to take off the belt, I lost this ring and went without it for the last year. I will not say that this is a significant minus, but I would like to have a leather ring.
I recommend this belt to purchase.