Silver pendants and chains

As promised, after this review / blog / aliexpress / 3185.html - I write reviews from the first purchase on Ali, especially jewelry. I do not usually trust the Chinese quality jewelry. Yes, and the 7th km with its huge selection of Chinese junk nearby.

Next under the CUT
The most important thing here is photos, because - well, what is the functionality of jewelry?

I took for 5.63 dollars, now a discount - 5.07 already
But I looked for this type in a very long stores. And found only here. What is the "chip" - a set of sanding - as if worn sandpaper - not smooth. It would be smooth - it would be vulgar and cheap. And so - it is much less interesting in photographs than in life - I will have the front-set set for $ 12.99))))))))))) (now, by the way, - 11.69)

And now - grinding near

Well, 2 chains - the usual Snake. I took it to wear a bunch of pendants, because my main silver chain is long — 45 cm.
But it turned out that my attempts to take shorter chains were not crowned with success.
I took 18 Inch long 1.2mm and 20 Inch long 1.2mm - there is a difference in length by a maximum of 1 cm. And they are long. Need to take 16 inches, I guess.
They are no different from the picture. The locks are excellent. Look decent. And, because fotik sat at the most inopportune moment - there will be no photos of chains.
Took on the change - they were not the goal. I only took when they were sold by the piece for $ 1.04.