Servo S10 - Babushkofon for disco

Good day to all!
I want to offer to your court a review on the Big Phone, it has a large battery, large buttons, a large size, and many more flashlights.
The courier brought the phone home, the whole box was wrapped with customs tape, but inside the package itself did not even open. It seems that the customs saw this miracle and decided not to sweat sobily.

Pro packaging and appearance
Inside the box there was a place for a small instruction printed in a super-large font, charging for 600 mAh, microUSB cable, headphones and a set of adapters for Sim cards.

This phone cannot be called a small one; the length of the case is 13 cm.

Width 5 cm

Thickness is 1 cm.

The weight of the phone with a battery of 156 grams.

Battery weight 47 grams.

Under the battery, there are three SIM card slots and a memory card slot. Especially for music lovers, the manufacturer has installed a large speaker.

The keys are quite large, with large numbers, underThe keyboard has a white backlight, but you can see it only in complete darkness. The phone has three buttons to call, each is responsible for the call on its SIM card. Buttons 1, 2, 3 with a long press turn on the flashlights, and button 0 starts the PowerBank.

At the bottom, under the keyboard, behind the rubber cap, is a 3.5 headphone jack and microUSB ports for charging the phone and USB PowerBank output.

Pro flashlights
At the upper end of the housing there are four LED flashlights.

I don’t quite understand why, but the manufacturer actually installed four lamps in the phone, all four of which have a different glow color and perform different functions.
The first is ordinary white, not very bright, but it is enough to light it under your feet or light the castle.

The second is UV, the description says that they can check the money.

I tried, but the money we have is not right,toli manufacturer regretted the correct LED, the latter is more likely. The flashlight certainly shines and it is actually ultraviolet, but the wavelength is clearly not 365 nm, so he could not handle the money.

The third is yellow.

According to the developer, mosquitoes and midges are not verylove this light, and as soon as you turn it on they immediately fly away from you in a panic. In a word, we don’t have a lantern to repel mosquitoes, alas, we don’t have mosquitoes.

And finally the last flashlight is green.

It shines very brightly sometimes, it seems that even brighter than white, the special purpose for it is not described in the instructions, except to create an atmosphere for a disco.

About the disco said for a reason, there is a menuitem allowing you to turn on the mode of light accompaniment of music from the player. In addition, when this mode is activated, all four flashlights blink when an incoming call.

Pro interface
The display is quite bright, but it is a normal TFT so that if you look at the corners, the colors are quite noticeably inverted.
The menu on the phone is standard for push-button phones, everything is clear even without signatures.

The biggest drawback of the interface is fonts,this is very clearly seen from the language selection menu, unlike other languages, the Russian font is not bold and therefore not readable. It is impossible to change the font size and this further exacerbates the problem.

Unfortunately, the same font is used for all texts in the phone, including SMS text, this greatly limits the use of this phone by older people.

But the numbers when dialing a number from the keyboard are quite large, plus a quick search for this number in contacts works when dialing a number.

Contact cards are extremely simple, to contactYou can save only one number, and assign one of four groups to choose from. Unfortunately, the phone does not allow even such a simple operation as assigning a SIM card for a default call, but on the other hand this is a plus, in order to call from another SIM there is no need to climb the menu, just press one of the three call buttons.

Address book shows in general lists of numberssaved in SIM cards and in the phone. Understand where the number is stored can be on the icon to the left of the contact. For contacts with a SIM, the SIM card icon with its number is displayed, a green little person is displayed for contacts on the phone.

The phone can play music in mp3 formats,wav, wma, while the speaker sounds quite loud and more or less clear, at least without cod and choking, so it is quite possible to listen. There is a built-in camera, but the maximum resolution of the images is 640x460, so I think it’s not worth showing them here.
FM radio unlike most othersphones work here without headphones, 15 radio stations caught on the street or near the window, indoor reception is getting worse, 3-4 stations with interference and connecting headphones doesn’t help much here.
Battery Pro
The phone came to me with a charge of 4 divisions from10, I decided not to discharge it by force, but to see how long it would be. With calls up to 20 minutes a day and a small amount of listening to the radio, the charge lasted for four days.
Test charging by the doctor as a whole confirmed the battery capacity of 2500 mAh.

But the charging itself was, to put it mildly, strange, the phone constantly for a short period of time ceased to consume current, so instead of a flat line on the chart there were only bumps.

In PowerBank mode, the phone also works, quiteYou can charge other devices, but it is desirable that the consumption of these devices be below 1000 mA, otherwise the voltage drop is too large, and at 1600 mA the can mode is turned off.

A small video review.

A small conclusion. If it were not for the fine print of the text, it would have turned out to be quite a normal grandmother's phone, a large battery would be only a plus, and I don’t even know for which category of users we can recommend such a combine. Most likely this is more an option for hiking, sorties, and giving, perhaps, construction, installers, travel. And the connection is, and often do not need to charge, and break is not particularly a pity.
I apologize in advance for spelling andthe grammar of the text, all the mistakes made are not made on purpose, but only because of ignorance and in connection with the imperfection of automatic text-checking programs.