Foldable Wireless ArcMouse Mouse

Laptop computer is a portable mouse!
I thought, and bought this creation gloomy Chinese genius.

The result made me wait more than two weeks and arrived in a regular paper bag, wrapped in a banal pimply film.
But I liked the mouse. It is powered by two AAA batteries, for which a special compartment is provided in the belly, which can be closed with a lid. The mouse weighs about the same as these batteries. On the inside of the folding tail there is a notch where the receiver is placed and held there by a small magnet.

The mouse is ordinary optical, but its vision is quite decent - enough to work well not only on a special rug, but also on a regular table, as well as a knee, covered with pants.
The upper half is made of matte plastic a la soft touch, the bottom is shiny. The wheel of the usual transparent plastic, is not covered with anything, from the inside is dimmed by the sensor LED.
The right button is somehow a little tighter thanleft, but it is more likely a defect of my specimen, and it doesn’t bother much. In his hand, the mouse is not very convenient because of the smaller than usual size, but not as bad as the microscopic mice for laptops currently sold. You can put your hand on it without fear of breaking.

The folding mechanism works fine, does not creak, does not hang out, is well fixed in both positions.
When folding, the mouse turns off ifDo not touch unfolded form for a while - falls asleep. To wake up you need to press any button. He also falls asleep and refuses to wake up, only blinks the sensor with the receiver turned off.
The receiver is recognized by the computer as a USB HIDDevice, simply put as a normal USB mouse. There are no buttons for linking - it works the same way. I suspect that two such mice next to each other will strike for the receiver. At a distance of 2m from the receiver, it remains operable; it did not make further measurements beyond senselessness.

In general, I liked the thing, although I’ll warn you right away that this is most likely not the cheapest option, you can find it cheaper.

I apologize for the photo, I shot what it was.