Sky Lanterns, Wishing Lamp SKY CHINESE LANTERNS - Chinese lantern

Hello! Welcome to the review of the paper Chinese lantern also known as the sky lantern.
This product is 100% satisfied. I recommend to buy.
Details below:
The desire to buy this kind of lights arosefor a long time, but for 1 they are quite expensive, and to throw out 600 rubles for the purchase of a dozen trinkets of a toad strangling. Everything was decided by another promotion on AliExpress, in which this lot had a 50% discount. Thus, the price of one lantern from the lot was a little over 30 rubles. We have a similar flashlight costs 150 rubles. Let's finish with this background ...

Package and its contents:As you can see from the photo, the package consisted of 10 lanterns of five colors: blue, white, purple, green and pink, 2 lanterns of each color. Each lamp is packed in a separate plastic bag:On one side of the bag there is an instruction forto use (those who know English or Chinese, read through clicking on the photo) with graphic explanations. Below is a brief explanation of the principle of operation and user manual.
The lantern itself consists of a bag made ofthin, but rather strong paper, impregnated with a refractory compound. The neck of the lantern is reinforced with a thin hoop (the material is not known, since for this it is necessary to spoil the lantern) with a wire cross. In the center of the crosshair there are 2 loops, which are threaded through a hole in the parallelepiped-sized burner that is part of the burner. The burner itself is some kind of non-woven material impregnated with something similar to wax. This piece inflames reluctantly, but it burns long enough.This lamp works by the principle hot air balloon (aerostat with a shell filled with hot air). Most likely these lanterns served as the prototype for the brothers. Montgolfier - inventors of hot air balloons.
Run these lights better windlessweather in order to stretch the moment of enjoyment by the light floating on the sky, because even a small wind will carry the lantern very quickly into the distance. To start, you need 2 people, the first one keeps the lamp folds out, the second one sets fire to the burner. As the lantern fills with warm air from the burner, the paper bag expands and the weight of the structure decreases to negative, after which the lantern can be released.I cannot objectively estimate the burner burning time, since it is not clear whether the torch goes out, or whether the lamp flies so far that it becomes indistinguishable to the eye, but definitely more than 5 minutes.
Finalizing: a very beautiful inexpensive entertainment, which can be an unusual gift. In general, I recommend to buy, you will not regret.