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Surely many motorists are well acquainteda situation when the car stood in the sun, inside it warms up to the temperature of the steam room in the bath. The described device is designed to save you some of this problem.
My story about the autonomous fan eatingfrom its own solar battery, which is simply hung on any descending glass in any car. The principle of operation is simple: through the glass the sun shines on the solar battery and the generated electricity feeds the electric fan motor, which pulls the hot air out of the passenger compartment through the slit gap of the glass of one of the doors.

I have to say that the field test deviceIt was not possible to carry out, because the goods received at the end of August in the current season were no longer relevant (for the latitude of Nerezinovaya). Nevertheless, this is not the last season, and therefore in the coming year in May it will be quite in demand.

The seller sent the fan in the original box. In addition to the device itself, there is an instruction manual and a special seal. In the instructions for the schematic, everything is quite clear:

The device itself has a small weight, but a significant size compared to that which appears in the images in the online store.

Today there was a little sunny day and I took the opportunity to carry out full-scale tests. Photos from different angles outside.

Inside view.

According to the proposed instructions, it is necessary to install a sealing profile on the left and right of the fan. I will show it separately, because I am not ready to cut it yet.

In the sun, the fan turns on largerevs, even makes a faint noise. When cloudiness revolutions fall, but the fan does not stop. I believe that it will be quite effective, because you can feel a noticeable thrust when working in the sun.
In conclusion, I say that I purchased two suchhoods The link is now the price is not optimal, I purchased from this seller a little earlier. It is important to note that this seller sent the goods quickly and accurately and this link is very clear description of this thing.
I am satisfied with the purchase myself, I recommend it. On the link you can find stores with a sweeter price. This device can be an inexpensive good gift, especially since it's time to think about gifts for the new year!