Sony Ericsson K850i. Pechalka.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
The review is dedicated to the unsuccessful purchase of the phone.
I broke my C6-00 a long time ago, I decided to buyphone from the store I checked. For me, a student, I need a high-quality camera in the phone, without hesitation I ordered this unit, because dealt with Sony Ericsson `th-k790i.

He came in 43 days, in a crumpled box, the insides are all intact, everything is in place.

Until the last moment he was afraid to find a fake, and not the original phone, but when opened, he found the original product in a film.
When turned on, I found out that the “1”, “3”, “6”, “call button”, “rocker up” keys do not work, I was very upset.
Several photos of the device:

I opened a dispute, wrote a problem, waiting for the return of the money on the keyboard, I do not know, it will turn out that from this.
Disassembled it, found the cause of the periodic keyboard failure!

stupidly soldered copper wiring, perhaps somewhere break it.