Volkswagen VW Stereo Car Special 8 ″ 2 Din Digital Screen DVD Player With GPS Bluetooth RDS 3D PIP, Win CE 6.0

I'll be brief. VAG tape recorder This copy was installed in the VW Polo Sedan.
I ordered this recorder on April 24th. Shipping via EMS. I drove about 15 days.

The radio installed itself. There is nothing complicated. Included with the radio was an adapter. True wires in it were confused, I had to redo it.

A good alternative to a regular radio tape recorder (the price is more than happy). By the way, I used a coupon for 10 dollars.
It looks just fine, and is inserted without specials. framework (read as native). There is a Russian language, even in GPS you can immediately select a Russian voice. Plays normally. I can not say that it is excellent, but it is difficult to say here, because I have standard and not very good speakers in the car.
Cons - once somehow hung, and did not read the flash drive and did not want to spit out the drive. I rebooted a couple of times - everything is ok. I do not know what happened. Build quality on 5-.
TV did not check, because no antenna. DVD, USB, Microsd, Bluetooth, radio, remote control - everything works.
Conclusion: if you have a desire to put 2dinovaya tape recorder and there is no particular claim to the sound quality - I advise you to take.
I do not even know what else to write. The first post on Muska.
I will answer your questions in the comments.
Behind this, I hasten to bow out. Photo with a cat no. I'll post a couple of photos after installation.