ZCForest sports bottle for drinks

Hello everyone :) I recently received a new package from AliExpress.
Today on the review is a sports bottle of ZCForest for drinks with fruit.
This summer was a lot in nature, it would be greathave this bottle with you, but alas, I only looked at it now). The bottle is suitable for both simple use with different drinks, and can also be used as a shaker.

I received the package in 23 days. Packaging is simple: a Chinese package without pimples.
The bottle itself comes in a factory box. Matte box. On the box on the front there is a ZCForest logo. At the bottom of the box is our favorite slogan “Made in China”.
On the side there is a brief description of the bottle.
I quote:
Bottle cap - Food Grade PP Material (Bottle cover - food material)
Sealing Ring - Medical Grade Silicone (Sealing ring - medical grade silicone)
Bottle Body - Tritan (Bottle Plastic - Tritan (plastic substitute)
Temperature Resistance (Temperature mode of use from 10 degrees to 120 degrees)
Also at the very bottom there is an inscription Eco Friendly (Eco-friendly)
Inside the box is a bottle, and a cleaning brush inside the bottle.
The bottle itself is made of soft-touch plastic, does not slip in your hand, and is very pleasant to the touch.
The cap of the bottle is made of durable plastic.
Also on the bottle there is a strap, used for conveniently carrying the bottle.
On the front of the bottle is the logo, and on the back is a measuring scale. Volume 1000ml.
The latch on the cover is very tight and reliable. Does not pass water.
There is a mesh under the lid, it can be used as a limiter. You brewed tea, and that the brew would not fall intoglass, put the mesh, and the tea will not clog the neck. Similarly with cold drinks. You made a mojito. What would the ice did not fall into the upper part, put the mesh.
Only I do not understand why on the mesh different holes (If you know, write in the comments, it will be interesting to read). In general, that's all. No more in the bottle what to consider. Simple in design, and even easier to use.
Conclusion: if you were looking for a bottle for a walk or sports - This is a great option. Adequate price, nice design, large amount of 1l + complete convenient brush for cleaning inside.