SSD drive KingDian s280-240GB

Review SSD drive KingDian S280 model 240 GB.
I bought in exchange for 60GB models, as there was not enough free space.
Cost comparison with competitors and speed tests inside.
Brief summary: affordable, high-speed storage!
Now, for 11.11, the order looks even more attractive.

In my system, the KingDian SSD drive has been operating for 2 years, but its capacity is 60 GB.
He worked as a separate system disk and installing the main programs (office, photo editing and video editing software), its volume was not enough.
Began the search for an adequate drive with a good price / volume / quality ratio.
Comparing the characteristics of 240 GB disks, from China, with the offers of stores in their city, buying in China was more profitable.

Now 11.11, the order looks even more attractive.
Packaging Parcel received after 20 days, the packaging is intact, without damage, inside the proprietary cardboard package KingDian.
In the box with the previous disk, screws were supplied, they are missing in the new one.

Since hard drive manufacturers are in the active phase of converting from 3.5 "to 2.5" form factor,
SSD drive has no moving mechanisms and its basic size is 2.5 ".

Specifications1. Model: S280-240GB
2. Size: 2.5 "100.2 x 69.8 x 7 mm
3. Memory Type: TLC
4. Read speed: 560 MB / s
5. Write speed: 422 MB / s
6. Interface: SATA III
7. Fail time: 1,500,000 hours

The photo of the drive PCB All the main elements are located on one of the sides of the PCB:
1. Controller SM2258G
2. DRAM Memory D9PSZ
3. VS29F02TEME1 memory chip, as a single chip

Interfaces1. Connector for SATA data cable
2. Power Connector

The dimensions of the old model and the new one are identical, small differences in design.
I replaced the 60 GB drive with a new one, fixing it in the old sled.
I recommend using steel slides instead of plastic ones, since they are very difficult to remove.

Testing Testing speed was conducted on two motherboards:
1. First, with support for SATA II;
2. The second, with support for SATA III.
Program - CrystalDiskInfo 7.7.0

Program - CrystalDiskMark 6.0.1

Program - HD Tune Pro 5.7.0

1. High speed performance, consistent with the standard SATA III.
2. Low cost.
1. No official warranty.
2. Unknown brand.
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