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Good day. One day, after reading articles that the Chinese began to make decent smartphones (not brands), decided to buy and see for themselves, and then decide what to do with it.
In principle, reviews of options on the topic I9220enough, because basically I will share subjective impressions. Yes, this is my first purchase from China and the first review. I will compare the sensations with my huawei 8860.

Few fumbled on Aliexpress, I choseThe most interesting offer on the principle of price-rating seller. I talked a little with the seller who assured me that there would be no problems with sending to Russia since they had already sent a lot of goods there. The price with a cover-cover was $ 153.
The package arrived quickly (16 days to St. Petersburg). Despite this, the weekly Russian post site, which was lying weekly, made me a little nervous). After unpacking, it was found that the package was nicely applied by the left side, which in other ways did not affect the integrity of the contents.

injured corner

the contents of the box

the phone itself

Star N9000 and Huawei 8860

The phone has almost no pre-installed software.
Of the minuses.
1. The GPS does not work clearly, it is configured for a long time, it often shows not exactly.
2. The screen matrix is ​​slightly shifted to the left, which is imperceptible, while the screen is on.
3 For a long time I could not insert a sim card, I inserted it this way and that, it does not climb and that's it. At the time of the campaign for the second sim card, the sellers of the salon mts made an attempt to insert, together they laughed at the phone in which the sim card could not be inserted. After coming home, I armed myself with a file and a screwdriver, and almost started the execution, but I found out that the plastic on the sites under the sim cards goes a little arc and if it is good to press it, Simka fits in)).
4. At the time of writing this review, gprs could not be made to work. It seems like it works and there is no connection = (.
5. The phone is big, putting such a shovel to the ear is really inconvenient, the book cover aggravates the situation.
6. If during a call to call the second SIM card "subscriber outside the network coverage area".
7. Plastic front panel around the screen is easily scratched even with a fingernail.
8. The camera leaves much to be desired, in principle, on a sunny day, on the street, the pictures are quite acceptable, if you take pictures in low light the quality drops sharply.
Of the benefits.
1. Large chic screen, well-working touchscreen. Not his background, my Huawei seems just an old Nokia.
2. Fast processor, no questions about speed, no brakes, three-dimensional games, everything is ok.
3. The phone successfully passed the bluetooth operation test with the Volvo s60 system.
4. It is convenient to hold in your hand, there is no backlash, there are no extra gaps.
5. For those to whom it is important, in the salon, the sellers initially took the phone as a real Galaxy, in the instructions a bit later, two Samsung stickers (on the case) were found.
Screen, screen, screen. At the moment, the woman of the age has become the owner of the phone, for which the main factor was the size and quality of the screen, where she can clearly see the buttons, contacts and the Internet. If you deal with GPRS, then I will be very pleased with the phone, since this is by and large the only problem.
P.S. The problem with GPRS is solved, it was in Simka)
Well, actually for the sake of which the review was started
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