Harsh DITMO DM-4600 Headphones for US $ 6.19

Some characteristics, and then went under the cat.

Delivery "Hello from PR"

From the staff:
yeah, there's nothing, even a piece of paper squeezed with pictures.
In the box, only the headphones and the wire to them (I didn’t understand the “unplugging of the wire” function, probably, it would be possible to hook the wire longer, but it’s quite so, 1.2m)

On the handle there are letters, well, that would not confuse the right with the left

The shackle itself is quite hard, made of hard plastic

On the outside of the headphones there is an inscription with the name of this device.

But to you and the place of sound input from the outside into the headphones

View from the inside, it seems to look standard

But, the filler is sooooo hard

Parolon is disgusting to the touch and also hard

I climb inside, wires, connector, like all the rules

Even deeper ... The quality of the soldering ... to put it mildly, sneezed on it and everything would fall off of fear, the wire was bare.

Here's a speaker for you

which will give a powerfull bass. On assurances from the inscription on the package

Well, a little more vnutryanki you

APP Support: Yes (Lies)
With microphone: Yes (lies)
Active Noise Canceling: Yes (Lies)
Control Buttons: Yes (Lies)
It makes no sense to describe the sound, it is (sorry matt cannot be described here) no.
Of the benefits, but no benefits, All for now.