T-WOLF Q10 Silent wireless mouse with built-in charging.

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today, a small overview of the wireless mouse. Only recently I had a miracle of Chinese engineering thought - an expensive mouse with a voice module, and now we will consider a simple and budget version of irreplaceable computer peripherals.
dear mouse with voice module from T-WOLF already flashed on mysku, they are distinguished by quiet, not clicking buttons. This feature can be useful, so as not to distract others when working at the computer.

Delivery by China Post with track.
Packaging transparent blister:

Behind the main features listed:

  • Communication with the receiver at a frequency of 2.4 GHz at a distance of up to 15 m (why you need so much, I’m not going to attach my mind).
  • Quiet micro-buttons on the keys.
  • Charge the built-in battery right in the mouse itself.
  • The standby time is up to 36 months, after 5 minutes without activity - the transition to sleep mode.

I just have a black mouse, and there are still three color options:


Micro USB cable, at the time of charging, the mouse turns into a wired one.
A 14500 battery is included in the package:

and before use insulated with film.
Let us dwell on it in more detail:

This is a li-ion with a voltage of 3.7 V, AA battery size. But the AA battery (1.5 V) mouse does not work.

Discharge capacity:

Expected disappointment, with capacity trouble. One would like to say: “You are the weakest link, farewell”, but it’s impossible, the mouse works for it, and since it consumes only 6 mA, it lasts for 2 days of continuous clicking.
To me, in this form factor, an expensive mouse with a voice module of batteries is better:

Appearance of the device:

Mice are focused on laptops, hence not a calm game design and small size.
The button near the scroll (scroll wheel) switches dpi: 800-1200-1600. Scrolled unusual spherical shape, but he has the usual movement, in the same plane. The button below it is louder than the main ones.
Micro receiver hid inside the case:

Midi size, met mice and smaller:

Connector for charging micro usb in the head:

Charging current:

Mouse weight:

In the hand:

licked forms facilitate addictive hands.
Four-color dynamic logo light:

LED spot:

The usual red LED, all budget, but the mat is not needed, and chases well on the table.
Disassembling the device:

On mikrik promise 3 million clicks.
In the work. The accuracy of the positioning of the cursor is normal. The cursor does not tremble at all. I had to get used to the buttons. At first it seems that they are pressed like that sluggishly, apparently, to the brain, just to create an image, the usual click of buttons is not enough. The sound of pressing is actually deaf, at a distance the meter is no longer audible.
Nice, compact mouse. I will take one more for a father.
Comparing the sound of buttons with a normal mouse:

Tradition: Cat and Mouse

Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!