Tourist backpack from Maleroads 30l (Adventure 30L)

Hello. Overview of the compact tourist backpack from Maleroads 30 l. From interesting - a pleasant back and a metal plate for rigidity. More under the cut.
Reviews on backpacks and bags (by the way, I use the Maleroads belt bag myself) of this brand flashed on Mysku, but nobody looked at this particular model before me.

I received the package three weeks after the order. Packed in a simple package and on top in another. Unfortunately, I threw out the tags, I hope this is not critical.
Chose a gray coloring. Also in the store there is black, green, orange.
General form



Corrugated inserts

Locks from the Chinese brand SBS, I do not know these. I know YKK, maybe under them zakos

Fastenings for a carimat or other things (possibly alpenstocks, as there were still screeds on top that I took off)

Side pockets

Side screeds (Fastex)

Place for a hydrator or for a USB cable

Whistle built in fasteks on the chest

Small office

Large office with a 15.6 laptop

Holder for hydrator

Metal plate for backrest stiffness

Pocket for a raincoat (for a raincoat there is a mount)

So the rain coat looks like in action.

And so the backpack looks on the person

At this moment in the backpack: a laptop, charging, a thin jacket and a few little things. It can be said that empty.
About the capacity. On the first photo in the backpack: a laptop, two sweaters with a hood, a thin jacket, a few little things. At the same time, side pockets and a pocket for small items from the outside were empty. By the way, in the side pockets fit 1.5 liters a bottle. You can shove 2n, but uncomfortable to pull out.
Of the minuses - if you strongly fill the main compartment, then it eats up a bit of space and taking out things from the second compartment is not very convenient.
In general, I liked the backpack, but I didn’t experience extraterrestrial sensations as a famous columnist for these backpacks
Pleasant locks, fasteks, reflectiveitems. It is tourist, but does not look huge. I also consider a branch as a laptop as a plus. Most of the time I will carry this backpack in the city with a laptop.
I am thin and tall. The backpack came up to me perfectly, because he is a little drawn out.
Of the minuses - I would like to see in the kit a mount for a bicycle helmet.
Thank you for reading the review to the end. Any questions - ask, I will gladly answer them in the comments.