USB joystick for Xbox 360 (not a repetition, but a continuation)

Today I decided to write about this wonderful joystick. Someone will say that already was! But I will say yes! But this is my review, I got it pulled from BIC. There I wrote in brief. Now I will describe in more detail.
I bought it not on aliexpress, but on buyincoins. And I ordered it specifically for the game in Crisys 2. Ask why his name? I will answer you when the beta version of the game appeared and I saw a screenshot of this joystick there, I had a burning desire to buy, but I did not think that it would work at all. But when I connected it, the Windows determined and installed it. In the device manager, it is defined as:

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I started the game, the game immediately accepted it, and only reacted to it (the tips were only for the joystick).
Ask me how I liked it so much? I will say! I liked it very good quality here are a couple of pictures:
Additional Information

But most of all I liked the convenientcontrol, and even more superbly crafted vibration. My first game on it is Crisis 2, the impressions are great (especially when I turn on the disguise or strength mode). Unfortunately, these feelings do not convey, but it was super.
But the best game with this joystick was,when I played Dead Space 2. Then I also purchased a 3d monitor, so dead spice 2 was generally hard (especially at maximum complexity, with decent loudness in the speakers, in the evening and one), I even had hair on my hands))))) )
+ Joystick works not only on Xbox 360, but also great on Win7 x64
+ Passed more than one game with maximum difficulty with him, or rather with the help of it
+ Games support it, do not need to configure anything
+ Vibration successfully worked
+ Excellent plastic and build quality, well, I thought that the Chinese can do that)))
+ Not high price
+ Length of cable about 2.5 meters.
And now, again, the cons:
- Vibration after 2-3 days of active use began to buzz heavily
- The wire is a little annoying, but you can get used to it, because its length is not small. But it would be more convenient to take it wireless, but it hurts expensive.
And finally.
The joystick turned out to be an excellent device, if it breaks, I will order another one without thinking, I hope the quality will not change for the worse.
I hope to criticize me not much, I'm new here))))