USB case for optical drive from laptop

Today I will tell you about a small utility for owners of laptops with built-in optical drives, which the owners have not used for a long time (ODD).
We are talking about a special case with a USB interface for turning the internal ODD of a laptop into an external one, and freeing up space in the case.

Why is this necessary? If you try to remember the last time you used your optical drive built into your laptop, you are probably very surprised, because most likely you don’t even remember when. In my case, I thought and realized that over the last year I used the ODD laptop only three or four times to record discs with music. All the rest of the time he did nothing in the laptop. And this place can be used with great benefit for such a thing, for example.
In general, it has been decided - see ODD, set the second HDD(link above). But, in this case, the orphaned laptop drive disappears. This is not good, I thought, and a couple of times a year it is still needed. Do not disassemble because of this laptop?
As a result of the reflections, the surveyed device was found and purchased - an external case for a laptop ODD with a USB interface.
I bought it a little cheaper, for $ 13.68. Delivery standard - about a month.

Do not pay attention to the fee in the bag on top of the device, just in the box in addition to the adapter was another item from this seller.
What can I say - a great product. Perhaps the price is too big, but I am satisfied, as the case performs perfectly well. The drive got inside like a glove. When connected to a computer, it is immediately recognized by the system and is accessible in a minute to work with it without the need to install drivers, etc. However, if you are impatient - a CD with drivers is included. Writing and reading speeds did not change compared with the time when ODD was inside the laptop.
More photos.

Adapter Board:

Chip and connectors:

Note: There is an additional connector for external power (cord included) from another USB-connector. He has never been useful to me. Those. ODD works great from one connector, and there is enough power when reading and writing. So for what he does not know. Perhaps some ODD models require more power and need additional power for them. In this case, the external ODD in this package will take two USB connectors. I repeat, everything works from one.
Warning explanations on the bottom cover:

In general, everything is fine, except for one thing: The case comes with no curtain attached to the drive tray. I took the curtain from the adapter for the second HDD (link above), but it does not fit my ODD model. Those. fixing it, perhaps some standard ones, but my ODD has no holes for it in the right places, respectively, and the placement of the drive opening button with the corresponding “button” on the shutter does not match.
I solved this problem this way: tightly glued the curtain to the tray, breaking off all unnecessary mounting tabs, and in the place of the button I drilled a small hole. In this case, the tray is opened with a thin object such as an unfolded clip. But this is not critical at all, since when I work in the system I open the tray with the help of the “Eject” command in the context menu of the drive. Opening "manually" using a clip is only necessary if you use the drive for operations without a loaded system, for example, when installing it on a PC or when booting from a Live-CD. In general, it is rarely required.
General form:

Everything else in the adapter suits me. In principle, you can do without the curtain at all, but somehow it does not look very nice.
Yes, one more thing is important. If you decide to take - pay attention to the type of interface your ODD from the laptop. I have this PATA. Perhaps in your laptop it will be SATA. It is advisable to agree with the seller before the payment this moment, so as not to get into a situation where the newly acquired device will be useless for you because of a different interface.
Well, I think that's all I wanted to tell you. If anything is not clear - ask. Happy and successful online shopping.