Chinelos 41 Sliding Slippers

Hello. Today I share my impressions of the fitting not from cheap, but very practical rear-view slippers. Such self-comfortable country shoes. In short, sneakers correspond to the seller’s description, odorless, the material is very flexible, soft inside, washing in a washing machine and pleasant colors are possible.

The packaging is not remarkable, the usual postal envelope.
Sneakers, as in the photo seller. There are 3 colors, I chose white with pink "fur".
The color of rubber is snow white, but I'm not afraid of suchcolors, because I wash all things in the washing machine. The material is very flexible. The top is made in the form of a mesh. Immediately placed emblem with the words «sport», which, in my opinion, does not correspond to the actual purpose of the shoe.
The sole with a protector,) has orthopedicbumpiness: the sock is raised, and the heel is raised. Sneakers - type slippers, but there is a low heel, 1.3 cm. Rubber is very soft, and the heel bends easily, does not rub the leg and does not interfere at all. On top of that, I deliberately choose home or around the size of shoes. Therefore, my heel does not rest on this side: before it - free space of 1 cm. In this case, the sneaker does not fall down, due to the fluffy pile, does not slip. Slipper leg does not crimp.
The size of the foot 24cm consciously ordered the 39th Chinese. In my opinion, sneakers do not look cumbersome.
Dimension table

Inside the sneaker is glued sock syntheticmaterial, such as fur, with a pile of 1cm. The fur is dark pink, fluffy. Outside, it is fixed to the sneaker working button. However, when you unfasten it, the sock is still “glued”. The idea was good. Pile inside during wear is crushed, however, it is easily repaired by several scrubs.


Total: in sneakers it is quite comfortable, I speak with confidence, because spent in them in the apartment about 3 hours. Do not be surprised, I am thermophilic, and even in this heat I like my feet to be warm. I'm so comfortable. So, during the test in the room (in the hb sock), the legs did not sweat, did not get stuck. I liked the slippers. Such money does not cost. But such a plan shoes comfortable and practical. Pros: can be washed in a typewriter, warmed, comfortable inside due to fur, very soft rubber, ideally, I would like a removable fur. It is difficult to call them home, but at the dacha it is quite convenient for yourself to go out to the morning dew or in the evening in the gazebo to the kebab.