Women's short sleeve shirt

On the air of muska again I am with an overview of women's light summer shirt.
Summary, who are too lazy to read and watch photos on the model:
A pretty simple shirt for a slim girl, the composition is cotton, it is easy to wash, almost does not wrinkle, it is comfortable and cool.
I invite those who are interested, further in the review.

I was looking for something light and inexpensive for the summer, I found this shirt for 5.60 y.e., the delivery in May was 1.05 y.e., now it has become 3.16 in Russia.
The shirt on the model liked the short sleeves -it means it must fit, as well as price. She made an order, sent it quickly, promised a present. It came down in less than a month, but then our city post office could not make out the parcels for three weeks, so I received everything only after 55 days. Oh God!
While there was time for the opening of the dispute - I wrote to the seller, he extended the deadlines.
I chose a white shirt, the seller still has blue and pink. All black buttons are sewn on.
Shirt photo

The seams are made neatly, gum in front and behind too.
A photo

But with the elastic band this adyn has a small detail: either because I am tall, or it should be, but on the model, it is as if on the stomach, and on me - under the breast.
The sizes at the seller are not specified.
In the shirt that came to me:
length 70cm
sleeve length 24cm
shoulders 38cm
24cm hand girth
In general, she is more likely to be a slim girl, forSuitable for breast size 1-3, hips up to a maximum of 100-102cm, will continue to fit tightly, at the top (where someone has biceps, triceps, and I have skinny hands) - the girth of the hand is no more than 24-25 cm, otherwise it will also be Ugly to fit. The fabric does not stretch.
On the shirt was a tag with hieroglyphs - immediately cut off and threw, did not take a picture. There is nothing on the label, not a word about the composition either.

It feels like cotton. Went to her in the heat - absolutely comfortable. It is washed easily, everything is washed off, after washing it is not very wrinkled. The shirt had no smell. Cheers cheers!
Oh, about the gift. They promised to send - they sent some small rezinochki for hair, gave it to a small relative - to braid dolls, absolutely foolish ones)))
Shirt photo on me

From small minuses: the buttons had a bit of sticking threads, and also the holes for fastening the buttons were badly cut, there were a lot of threads inside them, which made it difficult to unfasten, hooked. I just cut the thread, scary.
I liked the shirt, I wanted to order another blue one, but somehow I feel sorry for paying three dollars for the cost of item 5.
Kote help measure))