Women's either blouse, or T-shirt (Women’s Shirt)

Greetings to all shopaholics! I will try to review this product, received more than a month ago. This is my first review, but not the first product ordered from China. In addition, for the first time I received from China such a specific product as clothing, although it was not the first one ordered - two more orders described were left behind in the process of movement.

In short, the description is fully consistent, although on my wife it looks a little different than on the thin little Chinese model.
So, I infected my beloved Chineseshopaholism on its own head. Starting with jewelry and watch, she smoothly moved to cosmetics, handbags and, finally, clothes. At a certain point, I could not resist anymore and made the first order - a leopard dress, but the number of tabs saved by my wife in the browser with various Chinese junk did not decrease after that, but only increased. Of course, I tried to explain that an order from an online store is almost always a lottery, and in the case of clothes, the lottery is doubly, but this, alas, did not help. Since the product described was one of the most desirable, after some time it was ordered. It was chosen blue - the color of the eyes of the future owner. Size is only one.
The order was made on November 4, some stages of the movement are here:

Thus, the package went to us exactly one month. In principle, for our places this is a standard term. The package I received was a little surprised - the first time I received a product in a branded package with a seal, directly on its surface, information about the sender. The package is either from the manufacturer (the seller is called differently), or from this seller (if the one from which I ordered is a dropshipper). The package was square, with the goods inside it was flat and light.

In the package, in addition to the goods, there was a calendar and a coupon with the store coupon code.

Spouse persistently called this product blousehowever, the name is a T-shirt, and the copy received confirms this - the fabric is thin enough and this thing is not suitable for insulation during the cold season. The color was a little lighter than in the photographs of the store (but it is even more suitable for the color of the eyes :). Next - a photo on the table surface:
Photos on the table

And here is a photo of the seamy side and seams:
Additional photos

There is a photo and on the hostess. Please note that on her blouse does not look like the store pictures. But there is no catch here. I have it quite large, so the t-shirt covers her:
Photos on the hostess

Beads are not included
Impressions spouse: the thing is comfortable, soft, not prickly. I like the cut of the collar and sleeves. According to the spouse, a similar product in local stores costs around 500 rubles, that is, twice as expensive. I summarize again: it corresponds to the description, the quality is acceptable, and to acquire or not is already a matter of taste.
My first review is finally written. Thanks for attention! I will listen with interest to the comments and suggestions, I will answer questions with pleasure.