Women's sweatshirt

Hello to mysku readers!
I want to tell you about my purchase. So, I needed a hoodie, but not an easy one. Firstly, it is long, secondly it is not black, in the third it is without lightning and buttons.
I chose this sweatshirt. Although the supplier had no reviews for this model, I made an order.
And I waited until the order was shipped ... and it was more than 10 days. The seller willingly responded to messages and assured that he had sent, just holidays, etc. The seller did not deceive.

The parcel went a long time:
the order was made on September 30, received the parcel - on November 7.
The sweatshirt was packed in a transparent bag and a gray bag.
I was pleased with the purchase. Sweatshirt is long, warm and soft. The color is bright, as in the picture from the store. There are no sticking threads.
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Hoodies have 2 shallow pockets, there are also strings, which are dissolved. And there are, sewn to the hood, I can not find the word pieces that stick on the front with Velcro.
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Additional Information

Seller sizes:
shoulders 38
bust 98
sleeve 59
length 72
True sizes:
shoulders 44-45
bust 90
sleeve 55
length 70
I chose a smaller size - M, but the hoody is too big for me, although if the size would be smaller, then the sleeves would probably be short.
Photo on man
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I recommend to buy, in the shops of the city such hoodies are many times more expensive.
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photo from the store