1L Water Bottle Canteen 2pcs

I have long wanted such a flask (I don’t know why, since I don’t use my Soviet one either), and then I came across Ali on such an interesting lot.
Briefly: not the worst copy, you can take.
The lot is probably the cheapest, they usually sell one flask for $ 15.
I was also bribed by the possibility of a large choice of colors (as it turned out - in vain, they sent 2 identical ones, although I asked others in the comments).

Once I saw a similar, real, and very muchI wanted to get hold of such a flask-thermos. But having been disappointed, a very thin “hairy rag” was sewn from inside by the Chinese, instead of normal felt. On the other hand, what else could one expect from such a price?
Well, I ran ahead ...
They came in a cardboard box with a yellow scotch, although it is difficult to make something to the flasks, even sitting on them. Well, anyway, an additional plus to the seller.
Included, I was very surprised, came such a flashlight as a gift:

Not with figs of what, shines many times worse than the cheapest UltraFire, but “a gift horse ...”
Unfortunately now the seller in the Russian Federation does not send, but, I think, it is possible to agree.
Mounts were included, but they did not fit the standard Molly, so the flask can only be hung on the belt.
Plastic did not stink, inside, too (which is strange, many wrote about this).
The metal mug in the kit was wrapped inseparate bag, good without shipping grease (hello Soviet boilers :). Rivets are strong, the handles are bent, in general, everything is grown-up. It was only difficult to get one of them from the case, but the other one came out without problems. It is clear that there is a problem in the cut cover.
In general, the cover looks very cheap, but it is firmly stitched, but inside there is an extra. strength band.
I do not know what else to write, so see the pictures:

there will be questions - write!