SOP16 / SSOP16 Prototyping Adapters

Interested in adapters for prototyping SOP16 / SSOP16?
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History Searched for SSOP16 adapters, and foundmonitored. It was not possible to understand from the description that they are bilateral, and on the one hand they have divorced SOP16 with a pitch of 1.27 mm, and on the other hand - SSOP16 with a pitch of 0.65 mm. Only after receipt, I realized that the adapters are universal.

Subject of reviewSmall printed circuit boards made of fiberglass, size 21x15.5 mm. Thickness with a mask of 1.57 mm.
The distance between the rows of holes for the legs is ~ 12.79mm. Holes - metallized.
Designed for chips with no more than 16 pins.

ConclusionExcellent fees at a great price, you can take.