Promotion on range finders from SNDWAY.

In honor of the day brands on Aliexpress, the companySNDWAY is selling range finders. Who has not bought, there is a chance to save. The prices are really reduced from $ 3 to $ 10, plus there is a coupon for $ 6 from $ 65, there is also a coupon for a new buyer. There are a lot of reviews on
The promotion will take place from 08.28.18 to 08.31.18.

Prices for range finders during sales:
T4S (40m): 14.81USD
T40 (40m): 18.37USD
T60 (60m): 20.99USD
T80 (80m): 25.37USD
T100 (100m): 32.37USD
E40 (40m): 23.43USD
E50 (50m): 25.31USD
E60 (60m): 27.18USD
E70 (70m): 29.06USD
E80 (80m): 30.93USD
E100 (100m): 40.31USD
E120 (120m): 45.93USD
E150 (150m): 49.68USD
S50 (50m): 40.31USD
S70 (70m): 45.93USD
S100 (100m): 56.24USD
S80 (80m): 83.43USD
S120 (120m): 102.18USD
SW-600A (600m): 71.24USD
SW-1000A (1000m): 83.43USD
SW-1500A (1500m): 149.06USD
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