Promotion for a pair of walkie-talkies Retevis H777 and RT22. Two sets will cost a modest $ 20

These radios very recently rescued on a raid on nature.
In general, it is very convenient to have two or four radios for fishing / hunting, or just outdoors, on kebabs.
For their price generally excellent options. "Children's" radio for the price of all out of competition.
Checked the prices for "a week of brands on Ali" - there are coupons for a discount of $ 2 (special coupon for Ali).

Retevises dropped $ 2 from the regular price - you need to take a coupon in the store section.

The coupon is taken for the Aliexpress and takes off $ 2.

According to the proposals - very quickly snapping up the cheapest options.

And more specifically:
Set of walkie-talkies (2 pieces) Retevis H777 Walkie Talkie on 16 channels and with a UHF range of 400-470 MHz
The cost of the set is $ 21.68 and do not forget to get a coupon of $ 2

Total price with coupon $ 19.68
I will note the advantages: radios from the warehouse of the Russian Federation, delivery is fast and free (specify delivery by region).
And most importantly - the frequency bands "our",allowed, walkie-talkies are already stitched under the European UHF range of 400-470 MHz .. The most important thing is to check walkie-talkies before using. The comments explain it very sensibly.
The radius of action is approximately 1.5 ... 2 km depending on the terrain (the maximum stated is 3 km).
Set of radios Retevis RT22 (2 pieces)
Price $ 22.61 per pair minus coupon for $ 2

And "Children's" radio Retevis RT388 for $ 8 (on AAA batteries, a pair of radios included).

When buying multiple sets of worth give gifts
So, it is possible to take a good pair of radios for pokatushek or rest)))

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