Nokia 5228 upgrade (3 in 1 review) HARD RUBBER CASE COVER FOR No / kia Nuron 5230 5233 blackFreeshipping

I have a Nokia 5228 phone. So I decided to buy a few useful things for it =) (Back cover with a stylus, 3 pcs of styluses themselves and a phone case)
The Nokia 5228 does not have a stylus, but the Nokia 5800 has it.On the open spaces of Aliexpress, I found the back cover for Nokia 5230 ( to Unfortunately, it is no longer on sale) there is already a stylus, and this cover fits my phone. You can choose 5 colors Black. Blue, Red, White. Pink.

I ordered a black cover, I received it in a month,went perfectly =) even Nokia has an inscription. Stylus enters its socket tightly, does not fall out. Inside the cover there is an instruction in the pictures, how to pull out a sim card using a stylus. Your money ($ 2.88) is definitely worth it.

The next purchase is Stylus-3pcs right away.
I bought on Tindel ($ 1.38-3pcs)
bought three at once, in case one is lostor it will break. So it was something to replace. Made with high quality, there is no flow of plastic. From the one that came with the lid did not distinguish. Also there is an inscription Nokia. It goes into the lid socket perfectly, does not fall out.

And the case itself. Http://
The seller has 4 colors to choose from (black, white, red, blue) I bought Black.
it feels nice plastic (not rubber) in your handslides, does not fall off the phone. The phone is inserted into the cover, and the cover “crimps” the phone. the price is very good. I am satisfied!