Auction of unprecedented generosity - rear bicycle flashlight with sizzling lasers for $ 1.18 - 79.70 rubles.

The lowest price on the rear light for the bike. Blue or red - by mood.
5 LEDs and 2 lasers. Fastening on the pipe 20-31 mm.
On the LEDs 7 modes - shines, blinks slowly or quickly, running fire back and forth, filling the line, running line. I attach the picture. Pictures are clickable - animated.

Gif is animated when clicked.
Running fire
The most cool mode of the seventh - filling the column of LEDs. >>>>
Lasers have 2 modes - permanently on, blinking.

It is powered by two AA, batteries are recommended. From the battery 900 mAh 9 hours.
Apparently on the mode only the flashing taillight without lasers will last much longer.
Adds + 100% to visibility and + 30% to speed. BT and no WiFi, but not Xiaomy.
What do you think is worth taking? While the price is minimal. It just gets dark early.
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