Car head unit SilverStrong 4 + 32GB Android 8.0 2DIN - worth it

Good afternoon, dear readers mysku, givenThe review will be devoted to a car head unit in a 2DIN form factor with 4GB of RAM and running the Android 8.0 operating system. I have long wanted to buy such a device, but only relatively recently, similar devices have appeared in a fairly good configuration with high performance and at an affordable price. While I was looking for information about GU of this type, it became clear that in fact there was not enough information and feedback on a specific model and decided to fill this gap. I am pleased to talk about the multimedia device and its capabilities.

Traditionally, we start with the device parameters: Model: SilverStrong TPMS 706X5
OS: Android 8.0
Memory: 4 + 32GB
Processor: RockChip PX5, 8 cores, 1.5 GHz
Languages: set, more than 60
Standard Features: GPS + FM / AM Radio + Bluetooth + SD / USB + SWC + Built-in WiFi + DVR Support * OBD * - 3G / 4G
Display: IPS 16: 9 1024 * 600
Touchscreen: Capacitive on 5 touches
Internet: 3G / 4G USB modem, Wi-Fi
Navigation: GPS and GLONASS, Navitel, etc. applications
Radio: AM 522-1620KHz, FM 87.50-108.0MHz, 30 stations in memory (FM 3 * 6, AM 2 * 6)
Bluetooth: 4.0, A2DP (Bluetooth Music)
Microphone: built-in, connector for an external microphone
Connectors: 2 * microSD, 2 * USB
* Optional supported: external video recorder with its own memory card and control with PG, OBD-scanner, tire pressure sensors - all this can be ordered from the seller (compatible models are required).
Other features: steering wheel, screen mirroring, handsfree,
Dimensions: 178 * 100 * 174 mm
Equipment: Head unit, additional frame, GPS and Wi-Fi antennas, fastening with screws, rear view camera, manual.
About the tape recorder This model was chosen based on the following considerations:
- 4GB of RAM, and as you know, a lot of RAM does not happen;
- One of the most powerful processors for such devices;
- Excellent IPS display with good viewing angles;
- Declared high-quality audio amplifier;
- Hardware buttons and sound volume control (it is more convenient to use in the blind);
- Fresh Android OS 8.0 and a high probability of receiving updates (or self-firmware).
The head unit was ordered on Aliexpress with delivery from Moscow for 211.71 USD. Delivery to Siberia was quick, in about a week, in a regular cardboard box, safe and sound.

Included with the head unit were side2DIN mounts, bolts, a set of cables (in my case for the ISO standard - you can choose a different one when ordering), Wi-Fi and GPS antennas, instructions, a rear-view camera.

On the front side of the radio is IPSa display with a diagonal of 7 inches and a resolution of 1024 by 600 dots, as well as the standard Android physical buttons and launching the navigation application, volume control, built-in microphone and input for the external microphone, 2 slots for Micro SD memory cards.

On the upper side there is a sticker with a description of connectors.

On the back side are connectors, includingincluding coaxial, GPS and Wi-Fi antenna connectors, and two cables with a standard USB connector, to which you can connect regular USB flash drives, mice, keyboards, and a 3G / 4G modem.

Pay attention to the connectors "tulip" - you can connect additional monitors, etc. (see signatures)

For lovers to study the insides made photos of the internal space.

GU installed in the car Nissan Almera G15 quickly and without a "file and tambourine", as a native

Several photos from different angles at the request of readers

After turning on the radio starts in about 25seconds, fast enough. In the settings, in the "Advanced Settings" item there is an item "Disable ACC Delay". You can set the time that the radio will wait until shutdown. In the case of short stops, the radio will always be ready to go.
The software part.The head unit is running the operating system Android 8.0. The settings menu is familiar to Android users and is practically unchanged, except that special menu items have been added.
Built-in storage has a total capacity of 32GBof these, about 11 GB "eats" the OS, and the user has about 21 GB available, which is more than enough to store a fairly extensive collection of music and video, as well as navigation maps. Do not forget that there are still 2 slots for microSD cards and 2 full-fledged USB! In the special settings there is an additional menu in which you can make settings for the radio. For example, it is possible to choose the color of the button illumination, adjust the buttons on the steering wheel, the equalizer and sound balance, select the standard navigation application and see the GPS status. The operating system itself without shamanism allows you to change the scale of text and images on the screen.

You can enter the boot menu with password 126, it’sallows you to fine-tune the device and change some hidden parameters, for example, change the logo when loading, the region of the radio, configure the can-bus, or retrain buttons, etc. Do not change the settings thoughtlessly, but if there is a great desire, I recommend taking a picture of the default settings.

Interface and applications.The manufacturer installed a specially prepared launcher, which features large application buttons that are conveniently pressed while driving. By default, the main screen contains widgets of the main applications, such as radio, music player, clock. Also from the main screen it is possible to launch the navigation, sound or system settings application.

If desired, the standard launcher can be replaced by any other. In my case, Nova Launcher is installed, but first it is desirable to change the DPI and the desktop grid to a smaller one.
A standard music player can play music by folders, as well as select an equalizer and set the playback mode. Externally, the player is very pleasant and probably will suit many.

But I bought a PowerAMP player and it was of course installed from the Play Market.
The Radio application is very convenient, it works nicely,RDS is. The application allows you to save 18 stations in the FM band, the station buttons are quite large. The radio itself in the radio is very sensitive, in fact, the quality and sensitivity at altitude.

In general, the sound quality is very good. The manufacturer claims an amplifier based on the TDA7851 microcircuit - this is a good solution, it provides a really high power of 4 * 45W. Distortion is not observed almost to the maximum volume, there the speakers themselves simply do not stand up. There is a system equalizer, the frequency response can be pulled out to your acoustics as it should. When I made an order I was very worried that I would not like the sound, but in the end I was very pleased, the sound quality was excellent.
Also, the manufacturer (or seller) pre-installed the Navitel application with maps. I recommend replacing it with more recent versions.

You can put and Yandex Navigator.

Navigation works fine, satellitescaught up very quickly and in sufficient quantities. I didn’t take the antenna for navigation to the salon, but placed it inside the torpedo, almost did not affect the reception quality of the GPS and GLONASS satellites.

Operating system allows you to connect googleaccount and install any applications from the Play Store. I personally needed the ES file manager, Yandex navigator, browsers. The use of online radio, such as PCRadio, is especially in demand, since allows you to select the desired genre and not to bother with flash drives and not to listen to the advertisement of a regular on-air radio.

Hardware and performance. The head unit is based on the Rockchip PX5 processor, in Antutu it gives out more than 40,000 points. 4GB of RAM allows you to work smoothly and quickly, without lags in the system interface and in applications. Switching between applications from the background is very fast, there is no download of applications in the background due to lack of memory. Of course, if you want, you can install almost any toys, even heavy ones, thanks to 4GB of RAM, the processor and the integrated graphics chip pull almost everything that is in the market, except that the latest PUBG novelties will need to be adjusted to a low graphics quality (but I don’t think it will really flirt in the car). And already familiar toys like Real Racing 3, NFS MW, Beach Buggy, etc. go to a maximum without hesitation.

Touchscreen capacitive type and capable of processingUp to 5 simultaneous touches, and the display itself pleased with excellent viewing angles, with almost no distortion, this is important to me, because The radio is low and the view of it falls at a large angle.

The radio tape recorder allows you to connect to the Internet viabuilt-in Wi-Fi module, as well as via 3G or 4G modem. I have 3 different 3G modems, all unlocked. The ZTE MF710m modem is configured to work in the NDIS network card mode, the PG did not recognize it. The Huawei e173 and e1550 modems started working right away, they were transferred to the “only modem, without CD and card reader” mode. The e1550 modem worked more stably, and it stayed in the car with a Beeline SIM card, being placed in the glove compartment. The connection is stable in the city, the online radio works without interruptions, which is what I needed.
It should be noted that the radio has nosome settings for 3G modems, it recognizes the modem and the cellular operator itself and connects to the cellular Internet when Wi-Fi is turned off. GU knows the Big Three operators, but at least she identified the Tele2 card, but it was not possible to get on the Internet through it. Most likely the problem is in the APN, and there is no corresponding settings menu in the system, and it is impossible to change or add the APN profile.
Wi-Fi has a good range, while in the courtyard quietly connects to a home router.
Conclusions. Well, summarizing, we can say that this radio tape recorder has completely solved all the tasks, and these are:
* music of good quality, the ability to install your "favorite" player;
* great radio;
* excellent navigation with any application (Navitel, Yandex-navigator, etc.);
* Internet access and online radio;
* view any video content, including Youtube and movies;
* all the features of Android OS, i.e. full range of available applications from Market, browsers.
The reviewed GU works very quickly and is actually very pleasant to use.
In my opinion, only devices of this levelperformance and 4GB of RAM have become really convenient in everyday use. Earlier models with weaker processors and RAM up to 2GB inclusive do not provide the necessary smoothness of the interface and the ability to run any applications and even heavy games. And of course there are no problems with watching movies and clips.
As a result, I think that this multimediaThe device does not have flaws (unless the issue with the APN is not resolved yet, but this is not critical), and this is certainly a rarity for products from China, but in fact there are no problems in the device’s operation, it works stably and without problems, even in cold weather in the case of my copy / model (but in the comments it was noted that some recorders on the PX5 processor in the cold may not turn on or reboot, i.e., behave is not stable and the problem in these cases has not been solved yet).
So, if you need GU with Android OScar - pay attention to this version with 4GB of RAM, because such devices are purchased for a long period, and applications are increasingly demanding in terms of performance and amount of memory.
Thank you for reading the review, I hope it will be useful when choosing a car head unit.
Good luck
P.S. Since the problem of USB dumping at minus temperatures on the PX5 platform is sharply discussed at and here in the comments, I, as promised in the comments, with the onset of frost conducted a test. For two days the temperature is below -20, and the above photo was taken after starting a cold car (until the car is warmed up by timer start or temperature, that is, everything is fair) at -25'C (the forecast on the display seems to be -27'C highlighted in yellow). As you can see, the display shows a connected 3G modem, there is a corresponding icon in the stat bar (highlighted with a yellow marker), the modem hangs on USB.

Those. at least my copy in the cold works fine, but I hope the problem is, in principle, solved initially by the manufacturer.
Added later: the radio tape recorder normally turns on and at -33’C.
Check the price before buying