Car number (US), copy / US vehicle registration plate (license plate)

On ali I ordered the cheapest version of the copy of the American number. The shipment took 26 days, the parcel went through Latvia.
The result: a cheap number, but without stamping (extrusion) of letter-numbers and with raw edges. Good paint, rust made paint.

The room was packed in foam and wrapped with transparent tape. There were traces of a small dent at the corner of the package, but the number was not touched.

Photo of the package and the back of the room

The quality of painting is good, individual “drops” are visible only from a very close distance, the rust looks like artificial, but from a distance it is not noticeable.

Photos with crop, without digital zoom. On a white background, greenish blots are not digital noise, it is such a paint.

The size of the room is 306.5 mm x 154.5 mm (12.07 "x6.08 "), ideally, it should be exactly 12 x 6 inches (304.8 x 152.4 mm). Thickness (measured along the edge of the number) walks from 0.30 mm to 0.43 mm. The metal is magnetised, it bends easily .
Unfortunately, the edges were not processed after stamping from the sheet and need to be cleaned by yourself.

And another small minus - there is no reflective layer (there is no additive in the ink). As a result, the number in the surveillance camera with backlight is not visible (like a bright spot).

As a result, you can take the number. But if you want stamping, you will have to add ~ 23% to the price (price from another seller